Utah Young Entrepreneur Pitch Challenge 2022-2023
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Young Entrepreneur Pitch Challenge is a pitch contest for students throughout the nation. It is a simple set of activities that help kids learn creativity, problem solving, critical thinking, and presentation skills. Pitch Challenge teaches essential workforce readiness skills and helps kids develop a mindset for 21st century careers whether or not they become an entrepreneur. Please check your state’s page for more information on rules, prizes, and deadlines.


  • Think of a business idea. It can be a product, service, social enterprise, or technology business.
  • Create a video of yourself pitching the business idea. 
  • Keep the camera focused on you for most of the video. We want to see and hear you pitching your idea. We don’t want to see a commercial.
  • Keep your video short, under two minutes.
  • Entries will be judged on the CREATIVITY of the idea, business name, and video; the PERSUASIVENESS of the elevator pitch; and the OVERALL QUALITY of the idea, pitch and video.


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    Young Entrepreneur Pitch Challenge Rules and Eligibility Fall 2022

    Note: Young Entrepreneur Institute and Utah Afterschool Network reserve the right to update these rules at any time. Every attempt will be made to notify applicants of any modification to this document; however, it is ultimately the responsibility of Young Entrepreneur Pitch Challenge applicants to stay current with Young Entrepreneur Pitch Challenge Rules and Regulations by visiting utahafterschool.org/pitchchallenge


    • Applicants must be enrolled in grades K-12 in the 2022-2023 academic year. This includes an Applicant who is home schooled or enrolled in an online school.

    • Applicants will enter the contest in the group that corresponds to their grade at the time of entering the contest. The three groups are: K-4th grade, 5th-8th grade, 9th-12th grade.

    • Applicants must reside in Utah.

    • Applicants may work in teams, however, each applicant must submit their own video. Only single applicant entries will be accepted.

    • Video entries must be no longer than 90 seconds. It is recommended that entries be not less than 45 seconds. File types accepted include mp4, mov, avi, mpg, and wmv.

    • The deadline for submission is December 15, 2022, at 11:59 p.m.

    • Please reach out to Ben Trentelman at bent@utahafterschool.org if you have questions regarding eligibility.

    Permission and Media Consent

    • Applicant’s parent/guardian must grant permission for Applicant to enter the Young Entrepreneur Pitch Challenge by completing the media release form located on the website.

    • Applicant and his/her parent/guardian must give consent to all photographs, audio recordings and video recordings taken of him/her, and all Young Entrepreneur Pitch Challenge work presented to Young Entrepreneur Institute. All media recordings become the property of the Young Entrepreneur Institute and may be used by Young Entrepreneur Institute for educational, instructional or promotional purposes in print, broadcast or electronic media formats now existing or in the future created. This includes but is not limited to the video entry submission. There will be no compensation for the use of any photographs, audio or video recordings or any other media.

    Business Pitch Criteria

    • The proposed idea can be any type of business – a product business, a service business, a social enterprise that helps people or the environment, or a technology business. Participants are encouraged to create an idea that solves a problem in their community. 

    • Entries will be judged on:

      • Creativity: Idea and business name are innovative

      • Persuasiveness: Elevator pitch is convincing and compelling

      • Presentation Quality: Pitch and video are clear and easy to understand


    The top winner in each grade category will receive a prize to be determined at a future date. 


    • Applicants will complete an entry form and submit a video, up to 90 seconds, to utahafterschool.org/pitchchallenge. Applicants who submit incomplete entry forms, and entries that do not meet the requirements under the rules, will be disqualified. 

    • Applicants should enter using the entry form on utahafterschool.org/pitchchallenge. Applicants will receive a message confirming receipt of entry.

    • Electronic submission: Young Entrepreneur Pitch Challenge entries must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. on December 15, 2022. 

    • Entries will be disqualified if parent/guardian permission is not submitted by December 15, 2022 at 11:59 p.m.

    • Submission title (can be the name of the business idea) must be submitted in the form provided on utahafterschool.org/pitchchallenge.

    • Submissions will be reviewed and judged according to:

      • Creativity: Idea and business name are innovative

      • Persuasiveness: Elevator pitch is convincing and compelling

      • Presentation Quality: Pitch and video are clear and easy to understand

    • There will be a total of three winners in each grade group, with one grand prize winner in each category. 

    • Winners will be announced and acknowledged on  utahafterschool.org/pitchchallenge   in January 2023, as well as via email.