Anticoagulation Forum|Ansell Fellowship Program 2022
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The Anticoagulation Forum|Ansell Fellowship Program will provide grant funding to select healthcare institutions to support 1-year fellowships in General (Non-Interventional) Vascular Medicine. Each institution will select the individual Vascular Program fellow via their own selection process.

The maximum grant award per institution is $120,000, inclusive of salary, benefits, mentor support, and institutional indirect costs (indirect costs/overhead limited to maximum 10% of grant award). The Anticoagulation Forum will award 4-7 fellowship grants each year, for a total of 18 fellowships through 2023. Institutions may apply for one fellowship grant each year.

Fellows will be expected to participate in a virtual seminar series moderated by faculty members across the selected Ansell Fellowship sites. Seminars will focus on key subject matter topics within the Vascular Medicine Core Curriculum, as well as those related to Career Development and Research Development.


The fellowship program must be at a US-based teaching hospital. The hospital’s Vascular Medicine Program must demonstrate excellence and the ability to provide the fellow with significant clinical and research experience in the areas of VTE, peripheral vascular disease, and overall anticoagulation management.


  • Hospital & Lead Faculty Information
  • Budget Information
  • Program Description that includes:
    • Goals, Objectives, & Curriculum Outline
    • Faculty Information
  • Letter of Support from Director of the Vascular Lab
  • Letter of Support from the Department/Division Director


Applications are due October 5, 2021. 

Institutions will be selected by an Anticoagulation Forum Review Committee based on their clinical and research expertise in relevant areas; their ability to train well-rounded vascular medicine clinicians; and the program’s focus on general vascular medicine including anticoagulation management. Questions the Review Committee will consider include:

  • Does the program include faculty that can provide robust training?
  • What is the likelihood strong fellows will apply/accept the program?
  • Is there an academic/scholarship component to the program?
  • Does the program meet the requirements for the ABVM exam?
  • Does the program focus on general vascular medicine including VTE and anticoagulation management?
  • What is the likelihood the fellow will have an impact in the field?

Reviewers with a conflict of interest will be recused from reviewing the specific application.

Selected institutions will be notified of grant awards by November 22, 2021 and will be required to sign a Grant Agreement with the Anticoagulation Forum.