CHESPRA Communications Contest 2021
Days Left
to Enter
Any speech that was written to address an internal or external audience or any statement or article that appeared in print or online for the sole purpose of expressing an opinion on a school-related subject.
The calendar is a separate category even if it is used as a division handbook.
Financial Information
A printed piece that addresses school finances, budgets, employee fringe benefits, or other types of school financial issues. Published materials may be directed at internal and/or external audiences. Do not send official school budgets.
A printed piece in booklet form for specific audiences, such as a handbook for bus drivers, parent handbook, a volunteer handbook, etc.
Special Publication
This category includes annual reports and any piece printed for a specific occasion or purpose – that is not included in another category.
Website Home Page
Any school system public website. Provide the URL.
Website Subsection
This category includes any of the subsections of a website. Send the URL to the entry page for the subsection being nominated.
A blog generated by the school division for the specific purpose of soliciting opinions of an internal or external audience.
Social Media
Communication efforts or campaigns using Facebook, Twitter or other social media outlets. Include an explanation of how and why the social media is being used and the outcomes achieved. Provide URLs to relevant accounts and individual posts, if appropriate.
Web Publication or E-Newsletter
This category includes any communication that is regularly published and distributed via the web or by email. Send the URL of two separate editions.
Video Production or Program (TV & streaming)
Each entry is limited to one program or series. Video entries must be 10 minutes or less. If your production is longer, please submit a 10-minute sample video.
Special Event
This category is for an event supporting a school initiative. It can be one-time event or annual event. Please submit any material that provides purpose and overview of the event.
Crisis Communications
This category is to share the response of a crisis that occurred in your school district. Please clearly state the crisis that occurred and include all supporting documents that demonstrate the response.
Special Campaign
Submit any material that was used to create an awareness, inform, or educate an internal or external audience about a specific topic or initiative that occurred in your school division.