Quality Science and Math Grant Program
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2020-21 QSM Grant Cycle

Round 2 Deadline: 11:59 PM CST March 8, 2021


The Quality Science and Mathematics (QSM) Grant Program is a state funded program that awards grants up to $1,000 to K-12 public school teachers in Louisiana for purchasing non-consumable materials and equipment for standards-based, effective, innovative, and high-quality mathematics, science, and STEM course instruction.

Grant funds are awarded to schools for approved materials and equipment following the successful application by individual classroom teachers for materials to use in providing standards-based instruction. Teacher applicants must show that the grant materials will enhance the quality of instruction for regular education students who are enrolled in mathematics, science or STEM classes within the normal school day. After-school, Talented & Gifted, and Special Education (SPED) programs are not funded.


 The following are the policies and guidelines for the QSM Grant. Applicants should carefully read this document before submitting an application.

Please contact qsminfo@lsu.edu with any clarifying questions.


  • QSM Grants can only be awarded to full-time classroom teachers assigned to teach science, mathematics, or STEM courses in a K-12 public regular education program.
  • Classroom teacher is defined as "any employee of a parish or city school board who holds a teacher’s certificate and whose legal employment requires a teacher’s certificate."
  • Grants may not be awarded for special education instruction. This includes gifted and talented classes.
  • Grants may not be awarded for after-school programs or club organizations.


  • The maximum award granted by QSM is $1,000.
  • A teacher may only receive one grant award per grant cycle. There is only one grant cycle per fiscal year.
  • A teacher may only apply once for a single category (math or science) for each grant round. There may be multiple rounds in a grant cycle.
  • Grant funds may only be used to purchase non-consumable items. Funds may not be used to purchase items such as furniture, fixed assets, TV/utility carts, computer desks, software applications, subscriptions, consumables. In some cases, learning kits with consumables items may be purchased.
  • Items purchased from grant funds are considered property of the school and shall remain with the school if the teacher leaves.
  • All grant funds must be expended as specified in the approved proposal.
  • Grant funds may be used to cover shipping costs but not tax costs of materials/equipment.
  • Any requests for budget changes must be related to fulfilling the goals and objectives of the reviewed project and approved by the QSM Administrator prior to expenditure.
  • Recipients of the grant must comply with all post-award reporting. This includes submission of original receipts (no packing slips) and the Final Report by the determined deadline.
  • If unforeseen developments occur that make it impossible for the project to be completed as submitted, the teacher or principal shall contact the QSM Administrator to decline the award.
  • Failure to adhere to any of the stated policies or guidelines may result in revocation of the grant which requires the reimbursement of the fill amount of funding to the QSM Program and the disqualification of the applicant or school for future funding.

Application Guidelines

  • Proposals must be submitted by the announced date.
  • A teacher may not submit more than one application for a given grant round.
  • To maintain anonymity, any mention of names, schools, parishes, districts, or towns within the responses to the proposal questions or budget file will disqualify the application.
  • All applications must strongly link the Louisiana State Mathematics or Science Standards in their instructional goals and performance objectives.
  • The application must include a detailed and reasonable budget of no more than $1,000 using the provided budget template. Shipping costs may be included in a budget. Tax costs are not fundable.
  • The applications should include specific ways the requested items from the budget will support student learning. Full justifications must be provided within your responses to the grant questions.
  • The application must include the Principal Statement of Support signed by their principal.
  • Violations of the state’s policy regarding use of confidential student data or implication of knowledge of the content of an assessment beyond what has been provided by the governing agency will automatically exclude the proposal from consideration. For example, including student names on reports is a violation of student confidentiality laws. Inclusion of information that could only have been obtained by reviewing individual items on a state assessment is a violation of state policy.
  • The QSM Council maintains the right to disqualify proposals showing evidence of plagiarism. This includes, but is not limited to the following:

a. substituting synonyms for another individual’s words but preserving sentence structure;

b. mixing the individual’s words or phrases with the applicant’s paraphrasing, and

c. using the exact text that a company uses in their product descriptions.

Note, it is suggested proposals not be shared with others who are also writing a QSM proposal to avoid any plagiarism.