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When the COVID pandemic hit, education for millions of students was upended. Despite living in a modern global world where technology drives everything, many schools were simply unable to deliver even an adequate education to most students. It’s not their fault - the system is over 150 years old and not equipped for radical innovation. But while there were too many students left behind during the COVID pandemic, and who face another school year with months if not years of education to catch up, many students were well served by education that beat the odds. They were either part of learning organizations which created new and game-changing options for students, or they were from advantaged families who were equipped to support their kids, even creating their own educational centers for them. So we thought, what about giving an award to providers for getting underserved families through COVID just like wealthy families were getting their kids through it? Who is recognizing them, during one of the most trying times in history? Thanks to a partnership with a long time board member and philanthropist, The Center for Education Reform is grateful to be able to do just that. We are offering a $1 million dollar prize to an education provider, exceptional group of people, or organization who has demonstrated accomplishment during the COVID pandemic in providing an education experience that is Sustainable, Transformational, Outstanding, and Permissionless.