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About the Nominee
Nominee Name/Nominee Company NameMomentum Award: Leaf Trade
Finalist for the:Momentum - for companies with $3-25MM in revenue
About the Nominee:Leaf Trade was conceived through listening and collaborating with cannabis leaders to streamline the B2B wholesale process. While consulting, founder James Yi, built relationships with industry leaders and uncovered an opportunity to build a B2B wholesale marketplace within the cannabis industry—simplifying the buying process. Leaf Trade is built on collaboration with industry leaders to resolve real-life challenges faced by the cannabis industry. Our tech-first approach supports the industry from onboarding to education to feature requests and payments. Leaf Trade is invested in building the future of cannabis technology. We’re doing this by giving the industry the tools it needs to stay on top in competitive, highly-regulated markets. Our tech solutions support the exponential growth of cannabis industry changemakers. We seek to support cannabis companies changing the world, the marketplace, and our communities for the better.
Why they should win:Leaf Trade has been at the forefront of B2B cannabis tech since 2016 and has continued to build technology relied on by the largest cannabis companies in the country, and the industry at large. After raising $22.5M over the past five years, Leaf Trade has been able to capture the most prominent players in the cannabis market while building technology that supports licensed cultivators in safely selling their products to licensed retailers in 20+ states.