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Submission #2678764
Submission Details
CompanyCompass – Maven 
TitleTeam Leader 
YouTube Video Submission
2022 Team Sales Volume$74.5 million
2022 Team Transaction Sides710 
Application Excerpt
AboutMy real estate career came to me very unexpectedly. When I graduated from college, I began working full-time for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. I had moved into my first studio apartment on my own, and like any millennial, I went to YouTube to learn how to organize it. There was very little content about studio apartments at the time. I’ve always had a love for creating videos, so I decided to start my own channel. In 2019, I moved with my fiancé to Chicago, where we shared a studio. I documented the whole experience on my YouTube channel and began getting flooded with messages from others looking to move to Chicago and looking for help finding their next home. In a strange twist of fate, this felt like a new way to help people make their wishes come true, just like I had done for children during my time at Make-A-Wish. I got my license in 2020, and it was the best decision I’ve ever made.