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CompanyeXp Realty
TitleTeam Lead
YouTube Video Submission
2022 Individual Sales Volume$9.6 million
2022 Individual Transaction Sides29
Application Excerpt
AboutWhen I was 22 years old, I purchased my first condo after doing extensive research. I was able to experience first-hand what it felt like to receive the keys to a home that belonged to me. I spent the following years preparing myself to buy a second property, which I was able to do at the age of 25. I reflected on the benefits of being a homeowner and real estate’s ability to position one to build true wealth. I’d acquired multiple properties, gaining equity, and eventually buying investment properties, and I knew immediately that I wanted to help others achieve the benefits of real estate I had experienced. My own experience with real estate influenced my passion for the business and I wanted to help others experience what I had. With little knowledge about my earning potential as a real estate agent, I set out to start a client-focused business. I’ve since closed nearly 100 transactions and counting.