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Submission #2917512
Submission Details
CompanyFive Towns Miller Realty Inc.
TitleIndividual Salesperson
YouTube Video Submission
2022 Individual Sales Volume$58.3 million
2022 Individual Transaction Sides42
Application Excerpt
AboutWhen I was in high school, my parents had to sell their home during a market downturn. The broker they hired was unable to sell it. So, I took matters into my own hands. I networked with everyone I knew until I met a woman at the gym who was desperate to leave her apartment. Long story short—I sold her my parents’ home. I figured I could do this as a career. I wouldn’t be attached to a desk all day, and I could use my hustler instincts. I have found my passion in new construction, which is ironic, because there aren’t any open tracts of land for development in my market. You have to knock down a house in order to build a new one. It is an interesting challenge to sell an idea or a concept—I am selling a house that doesn’t exist yet. I love giving personalized design ideas to my buyers. My ideas are not just for the aesthetic benefit—they also help my clients have better resale value.