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CompanyWillowmar Real Estate 
CitySan Francisco
TitleTeam Member
YouTube Video Submission
2022 Individual Sales Volume$31.3 million
2022 Individual Transaction Sides21
2022 Team Sales Volume$108.9 million
2022 Team Transaction Sides75
Application Excerpt
AboutAs a daughter of Thai and Singaporean immigrant parents, I am a strong believer that homeownership has the potential to increase wealth and overall well-being over generations, creating more opportunities for marginalized groups and setting the groundwork for more equality within our communities. My parents sacrificed our house to put my sisters and me through college. From then on and until this day, my father and mother have rented a downsized townhome nearby. It was an unbelievably selfless sacrifice. I’ve experienced the power of real estate first-hand and truly believe in the opportunities and privilege that can result from sound real estate decisions for generations to come. Today, I am proud to be a mathematician turned first to mission-driven techie and then to REALTOR®, leveraging my deeply rooted care for others and working towards my life’s mission: to help people feel empowered financially through sound real estate decisions. Additionally, a personal goal of mine is to purchase my parents a home in the neighborhood I grew up in by 2025.