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CompanyeXp Realty
TitleTeam Leader
2022 Individual Sales Volume$65.6 million
2022 Individual Transaction Sides84
Application Excerpt
AboutThe primary thing I focus on is living a life I love and building my business along the way. My team and I have focused on going all-in on events. We have four major events per year: two client appreciation events where we rent out a bowling alley or climbing gym, for instance, to celebrate our clients. We also do two beach cleanups each year. These events allow us to have authentic and fun conversations with our community that don’t focus on real estate. We get to spend time with them one-on-one, and with the beach cleanups, we really have the chance to give back to our community. The phrase we use with our team is “new best friend.” The idea is that we approach our clients authentically and genuinely, considering their needs, just as a real friend would. We position ourselves as the friend who just happens to be the real estate expert.