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Submission #2995728
Submission Details
CompanyKeller Williams Professionals
TitleAssociate broker
2022 Individual Sales Volume$19 million
2022 Individual Transaction Sides107
Application Excerpt
AboutThinking outside the box to get the job done is what I do best. I enjoy the challenge, but I want to help my clients get to the closing table. I am known for handling difficult situations very well, and I’m proud to say I serve my clients at the highest level. My inner circle is inspired by the growth in my work ethic as I spend more time in this industry, and my endless need to do and be better. I receive referrals from clients, agents and brokers, and I have messages requesting my mentorship from up-and-coming agents. I am honored to be able to provide answers, advice and market analysis for my fellow agents. It’s incredibly rewarding to help others follow their dreams, invest in themselves, and achieve their life goals. I truly believe no matter what your background is or how unobtainable something may seem, if you work hard and are persistent, it’s only a matter of time until you’re successful.