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Submission #3074209
Submission Details
CompanyChristie’s International Real Estate Sereno
CitySan Carlos
TitleIndividual Salesperson
2022 Individual Sales Volume$23 million
2022 Individual Transaction Sides10
Application Excerpt
AboutAs I approach my fourth year in real estate in Silicon Valley, I am incredibly proud of the results I have produced. Entering a market with such a high price point and being young is synonymous with being inexperienced and unknowledgeable, which has become my driving force to be the best possible agent I can be. My specialty is my eye for design and experience. I’ve been a part of several renovations—including my own residence—and this experience helps me convey to my clients what projects are achievable, what timelines might look like and budget estimations. I can walk into a house and see the potential within minutes. In the Bay Area, most homes were built in the 1950s and 60s with floorplans that don’t fit with the modern-day buyer. I can give my clients my suggestions and input on everything from paint color to repositioning doors for better ease of use.