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Submission #3153728
Submission Details
CompanyCity Real Estate
CitySan Francisco
TitleIndividual Salesperson
2022 Individual Sales Volume$14.4 million
2022 Individual Transaction Sides10
2022 Team Sales Volume$102 million
2022 Team Transaction Sides35
Application Excerpt
AboutMy first job in the real estate industry was working for a title and escrow company a decade ago. I have always found researching a chain of title to be much like opening a storybook that shares details about the history of the land, the property itself, and the people who have lived in these homes. In this role, I saw firsthand the importance of having a knowledgeable and professional agent to guide people through the homebuying and homeselling process. I realized that my skills in negotiation and communication and my attention to detail would be better served in a role where I could educate buyers and sellers about the process. Today, on my team, I am fully involved in every aspect of the client relationship, whether it be on the buying or selling side. As a team, we believe in providing full service to our clients, which means we take care of absolutely everything when it comes to preparing a property for sale. Outside of real estate, I am an avid dancer. I danced when I was younger but then took a 10-year break. Now, I have unlimited access to two dance studios and make an effort to attend at least one dance class every day, schedule permitting. Dance is not just a physical activity for me; it’s a mental and emotional escape. The studios are more than just a place where I take a class. They are a sanctuary where I can forget about the stress and challenges of life and just be in the moment.