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CompanyRovi Homes
TitleIndividual Salesperson
YouTube Video Submission
2022 Individual Sales Volume$7.9 million
2022 Individual Transaction Sides21
Application Excerpt
AboutThe desire to become a real estate professional was sparked by one of my college professors, Merwyn Figueiredo. He came to the country with literally nothing, having been an orphan in India. He graduated at the top of his class and owned 100 units of real estate in Massachusetts. His form of contribution was teaching, and he was so generous with his time. After a six-month, solo road trip across America, I recalled the conversation with him and decided to go all-in on my dreams of being a REALTOR®. I’m a first-generation Indian American who was born in Detroit to a teenage mom and have moved more than 30 times to date across eight states. Every single move has taught me how to be adaptable and develop grit, from the farms of Illinois to the suburbs of Boston and impoverished areas of India. I got to experience the realities of a developing nation around 7th grade, when I lived with my grandparents in rural India for 18 months. It was heartbreaking to see kids younger than me struggling to have necessities such as food, water and shelter.