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About the Nominee
Nominee Name/Nominee Company NameCityLIGHTS Award: Wavicle Data Solutions
Finalist for the:CityLIGHTS - for companies with $25MM+ in revenue
About the Nominee:Wavicle Data Solutions is an award-winning cloud, data, and analytics consulting and development company. Brands work with its data management experts, cloud migration consultants, and analytics professionals to modernize their data environments, build robust analytics solutions, and use machine learning to improve predictive insights. Wavicle helps enterprises imagine new ways to manage costs, increase sales, and improve efficiency. Enterprises across all industries including manufacturing, healthcare, insurance, retail, hospitality, and restaurants, come to Wavicle for its capabilities in data engineering, data integration, cloud migration, analytics and reporting, data warehouse and data lake development, machine learning, and data science. The company has experienced significant growth and momentum since its founding in 2013, including an almost 2,400% growth over the last five years.
Why they should win:Headquartered in Chicago, Wavicle Data Solutions has built a reputation based on growth, innovation in AI and data analytics, and as a great place to work. In addition to building strong alliances with some of Chicago’s (and the nation’s) largest enterprises, the company has dedicated significant time and resources to developing and promoting programs that support STEM and the data sciences in Chicago, particularly among diverse and underserved communities.