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Samantha Plomer
Submission Details
CompanyCompass RE Texas
TitlePartner/Two-Person Team
2021 Individual Sales Volume$6.1 million
2021 Individual Transaction Sides17
2021 Team Sales Volume$36.8 million
2021 Team Transaction Sides97
Application Excerpt
AboutGrowing up, I watched my parents build every home we lived in with the help of my grandfather who was a custom home builder in Michigan. Most kids don't dream of going to a design center and picking out paint colors or flooring materials, but I loved it. In college, I pursued a degree in interior design, then realized I couldn't be stuck on a computer for eight hours a day. I needed to find a community-focused career where I could put my talents and passion to use in a different way. Today, I work with sellers to stage their property and help them with any necessary redesign. With buyers, I help them visualize how their items will fit into the space and how to help them make it their own. I also thrive in new build situations because I understand plans and building code. I love it when clients ask me to come to the design center with them so I can help them see the full picture of what everything will look like. As a real estate professional, I can blend my love of decorating and design into a career I want to do forever.