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Erfan Modir
Submission Details
CompanyIntero Real Estate Services
TitleTeam Member
2021 Individual Sales Volume$84.1 million
2021 Individual Transaction Sides60
2021 Team Sales Volume$900 million
2021 Team Transaction Sides480
Application Excerpt
AboutMy goal—and one of the reasons why I chose a career in real estate—is to be an ally to clients. I found success and built so many trusted business partnerships and referrals by changing my attitude and approach to the agent-client relationship. My philosophy is education for the client. Every showing, conversation, and data point is part of the education process so my clients can make sound decisions. I generate almost all my business through social media. Using social media platforms has produced a multitude of organic leads from friends, family, and others in my sphere of influence. I also really enjoy sharing my clients’ stories and successes, which then generates a lot of genuine interactions and interest. Not only am I operating a highly successful business, but I am also effectively helping my community with my real estate skills. I believe there is more than enough business to go around in the Bay Area, so I hire and train my friends to become successful agents. The more people I can train, the more I can give back to my community.