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Ashlee Nath
Submission Details
CompanyStone Gable Realty
CityColorado Springs
TitleTeam Member
2021 Individual Sales Volume$16.4 million
2021 Individual Transaction Sides43
2021 Team Sales Volume
2021 Team Transaction Sides
2021 Company Sales Volume
2021 Company Transaction Sides
Application Excerpt
AboutBefore I got my license, my husband would bombard me with the same two questions every day: “What is your niche?” and “How do you plan to get clients in that niche?” Those questions resonate with me to this day. I knew from the beginning I did not want to cold call, so I had to figure out a business plan that would build my outbound and inbound leads. The answer was social media. I understand many agents still refuse to believe in the power of social media, but with a solid and consistent business plan, I believe social media is the logical evolution to lead generation. I work from three main platforms—Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok—and I use each one for different lead-generation factors. I use Facebook to grow my sphere with other agents, so they trust me on the other side of the deal. I use Instagram to expand my reach through targeted and deliberate hashtags. Finally, I use TikTok to show people more of my story. One of my videos about an accident I was in when I was nine years old went viral with 1 million views.