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Shyllene Fecteau
Submission Details
CompanyAppalachian Properties
CityBanner Elk
TitleAssociate Broker
2021 Individual Sales Volume$11.8 million
2021 Individual Transaction Sides39.5
Application Excerpt
AboutOver the last two years, real estate has completely consumed my life. But the Shy that exists underneath all of that is a proud dog mom of two golden retrievers, a piano player, an avid hiker, snowboarder, aspires to learn Spanish, and so much more. I put all of that aside to serve my clients and my REALTOR® community. Then, in late August 2021, my partner and I decided to go hiking to clear our heads before a heavy week of work ahead. I was three miles down a remote hiking trail chasing waterfalls, taking a refreshing dip in the cool mountain streams, when my life flashed before my eyes. Something stung my shoulder. Within 90 seconds, the trees above me and the rocks below me turned into the brightest white light I could ever imagine. Sparing the details of my physical trauma, I will fast forward to say God sent an angel to me that day to remind me that tomorrow is never guaranteed. Now, I carry two EpiPens for my severe bee allergy as I continue pursuing my love of being outdoors. It’s changed my perspective on life in the best way.