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Moriah Taliaferro
Submission Details
CompanyPremier Sotheby’s International Realty
TitleIndividual Salesperson
2021 Individual Sales Volume$46.6 million
2021 Individual Transaction Sides29.5
Application Excerpt
AboutA REALTOR® is more than a salesperson. They are an expert in their craft and an advisor to their clients. This takes authenticity, skill, and constant, never-ending dedication to growth and innovation. Prior to my real estate career, I was an accomplished ballerina, training and performing with renowned international schools. The unique combination of grace and discipline demanded by ballet has been an invaluable foundation for serving my clients. I am known for both rigorous attention to detail and absolute composure in every negotiation, both of which are extremely important in my niche, which is luxury condominiums with a specialty in new construction. During my tenure at a luxury development company, my supervisor, Karin Silva, was my mentor. She taught me how to relate to affluent buyers and helped me gain full faith that despite my age—I was 22 at the time—I would be able to win their trust and confidence. In 2021, I put an incredible amount of time, energy, and focus into developing a robust YouTube channel—Living in Sarasota Luxury—which is a comprehensive guide to the Sarasota Bay area with a special emphasis on the luxury real estate market.