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Bethany Nolan
Submission Details
CompanyNolan Properties LLC
TitleAssociate Broker
2021 Individual Sales Volume$14.2 million
2021 Individual Transaction Sides54
2021 Team Sales Volume
2021 Team Transaction Sides
2021 Company Sales Volume
2021 Company Transaction Sides
Application Excerpt
AboutDuring my business-building years, I slowly started gaining traction on social media. I let people come along the house-hunting process with me on my Instagram stories, blogged about tips for home buyers, and created educational content about pre-approvals, down payments, and what is needed at the table for closings. Today, I reach more than half a million people per week, and my biggest video—which was just a short clip that said, “You don’t need 20% down to close on a home”—got almost a million views. Now that my pages have a loyal following, they are a primary source of my business. Unsurprisingly, a majority of my clientele are first-time buyers, so my content often gives them some background on buying, but I work to help them understand the entire process during our time together. I tell my buyer clients that I love trust, but I just don’t love blind trust. I acknowledge with them that home buying can be fun, but we are also going to learn and understand along the way, too.