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Katie McAllister
Submission Details
CompanyMcAllister Real Estate
TitleAssociate Broker
2021 Individual Sales Volume$5.4 million
2021 Individual Transaction Sides23
2021 Team Sales Volume
2021 Team Transaction Sides
2021 Company Sales Volume
2021 Company Transaction Sides
Application Excerpt
AboutMy mother, who has had her license for more than 30 years, educated me daily about the industry while I was growing up. We were constantly in conversations at the dinner table, and my mother took me to meetings, showings, and conventions. I always said, “I will never get my license,” as most kids would do when they are revolting against their parents. One day, I was sitting at my nine-to-five job when I realized that there were no windows in that building, and I didn’t even know what the weather was like outside. At that moment, I decided I wanted to get my real estate license and spend my days doing more for others. I felt as though I was missing out on life by sitting in that office, and I’m very proud that I made the decision to change my career. I now spend every day helping others. I get to have lunch with my two beautiful Siberian Huskies, and I’m able to coach basketball in the afternoons. I wouldn’t have it any other way.