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Rich Jenkins
Submission Details
CompanyeXp Realty
TitleTeam Member
2021 Individual Sales Volume$30.5 million
2021 Individual Transaction Sides84
2021 Team Sales Volume$87.7 million
2021 Team Transaction Sides257
2021 Company Sales Volume
2021 Company Transaction Sides
Application Excerpt
AboutWhile I was still in high school, my parents, unfortunately, went through foreclosure on their home. It forced us to split up the family and rent out a few different apartments since we couldn’t find a space large enough for all five of us. I saw firsthand how losing a home can put a lot of stress on a family, and it made me realize how important housing is all around. I was able to buy my first home when I was 23, and I remember feeling a sense of pride and accomplishment—and I appreciated the stability that comes with being a homeowner. These two events motivated me to get involved in real estate and housing. I want to make a difference for my clients and help them make smart financial choices for their families’ futures. One of our team’s core values is, “Never sacrifice a relationship for a commission.” This motto influences me to do the right thing no matter what—a value I think is important.