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Award Category - Health Equity: Lygeia has been at the vanguard of consumer empowerment through health IT for 20+ years, advocating for equitable access to data for all. During the pandemic she launched a startup to support self-care at home via tools for mental and physical well-being, especially for women. Previously, she spearheaded nationwide pro-patient programs at ONC. Lygeia presents, blogs, mentors, and is a digital influencer who has been named among the most powerful voices in health IT.
Award Category - HIMSS-ANI Nursing Informatics: Technology is constantly changing and never more so than in healthcare IT. It is important to be involved in moving health and healthcare forward, striving for innovative ways to reimagine health. Through involvement in numerous committees and task forces within the HIMSS community as well as volunteer activities, Kathy looks for new ways to innovate as well as engaging others in this purpose. She is passionate about the HIMSS mission of transforming healthcare through healthcare IT.
Award Category - Women in Health IT: As reflected in my HIMSS volunteer work, serving previously as the Davies Committee Chair, currently as the GHCEC Chair, and as reviewer/mentor for annual conference abstracts, I have consistently championed the effective use of technology and health data to aid administrative, clinical, and policy decisions. My current position managing the Duke Clinical Data Research Networks Program demonstrates my commitment to collaborate with others and provide health data that enables clinicians to conduct multi-site clinical research.
Award Category - Chapter Leader: I am committed to and passionate about making a difference in healthcare by harnessing and magnifying the power of the HIMSS organization. As a leader of the Chapter Task Force, Texas Regional Conference & DFW HIMSS Chapter, I believe I have a responsibility to help educate a captive audience about cutting-edge innovations, develop our next generation of visionaries and accelerate health equity by leveraging relationships with leading changemakers. I am honored to represent our healthcare leaders.
Award Category - HIMSS-AMDIS Physician Executive: Susan J. Kressly has led and engaged in national discussions that advance health IT for the pediatric population, clinicians, and practice teams. Her commitment to pushing the envelope and advancing standards is evidenced in her volunteer work with the ONC, HIMSS, Pediatric EHR Certification Program and as cofounder of SHIFT. Whenever asked to volunteer her expertise on initiatives that impact patient care, Sue enthusiastically represents the physician voice.
Award Category - Chapter Advocate: Dr. Regan, a HIMSS member since 2008, is one of our most active Chapter Advocates representing the South Carolina (SC) Chapter. She helped advocate for a strategic plan for statewide health information exchange by facilitating collaborations with SC Hospital Association and SC AHIMA members. Annual Advocacy Plan includes South Carolina Health IT Day with Governor’s Proclamation, Advocacy Web page, Advocacy Column for chapter newsletter, supporting Global Advocacy campaigns, and Advocacy events at Chapter’s Annual Conference. Dr. Regan’s department at UofSC is a HIMSS academic affiliate, and she actively engages students and informatics faculty in HIMSS membership and events.
Award Category - Chapter Advocate: Lee Lavergne has worked in healthcare IT for over 35 years and held various DFW HIMSS board positions. A change leader in healthcare transformation, he has led numerous EHR implementations and process improvement efforts for several organizations. As VP of Advocacy for the DFW HIMSS Chapter, Lee is currently leading efforts in HIT advocacy for telehealth, maternal health and health equity at the Texas state legislature. He also serves as co-vice chair for the National Chapter Advocacy Task Force. In addition to his advocacy work, Lee assists with policies on the Texas Interoperability Committee.
Award Category - Senior Executive: “Extraordinary patient experience” - Yanwar enthusiastically believed this could be achievable since he joined Pondok Indah Hospital Group. He believes digital transformation is one of the ways to achieve that. In 2008, Yanwar began his first attempt of digitizing patient data into an EMR, not a common practice at that time. Eventually, under Yanwar’s encouragement and leadership, all three hospitals within the hospital group became entirely connected in real-time. In April 2022, the three hospitals were first in Indonesia to achieved Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM) Stage 6.
Award Category - Health Equity: Mark Wien is Founder and CEO of PocketPatientMD, a free EHR platform designed to be a universal health record. PocketPatientMD is customizable, interoperable, in multiple languages, available online and offline, and no cost to users to meet the needs of all stakeholders, be universally accessible, and benefit the entire healthcare ecosystem. Mark visited health systems globally and lived in Africa for over 3 years, meeting with key healthcare stakeholders. PocketPatientMD addresses UN SDG3.
Award Category - Senior Executive: Srinivasan Suresh is a board-certified informatician, Professor of Pediatrics, Vice-President, CIO & CMIO of a leading children’s hospital, and a practicing pediatric emergency physician. He was instrumental in his organization winning the Davies award, and maintaining HIMSS Stage 7 recognition (EMRAM, O-EMRAM). An informatics researcher, he leads multi-disciplinary teams in applying business intelligence (measurably enhance healthcare for children), and in implementing robust clinical decision support tools (improve quality outcomes and control costs).
Award Category - Senior Executive: All my qualifications for “changemaker” are possible because some people believed in me before I believed in me. I’m fortunate to have served in forward-looking organizations that magnified my impact. I helped lead Cleveland Clinic, NYC H&H, THR and UH through transformation. I authored multiple bestselling books, created hundreds of podcasts, blogs and webinars on leadership and diversity. My biggest influences are 18 CIO’s today who once reported to me. They are the real changemakers.
Award Category - HIMSS-AMDIS Physician Executive: Informatics is a team sport. The underlying technology is difficult. And yet, technology is only 20% of the effort needed to change practice. The rest is socio-political savvy. Our work ranges from sprint teams to reduce EHR burden, to information sharing with patients: turbocharging the patient-physician partnership, to AI predictions and Centaur teams to reduce sepsis deaths. We improve physician and team wellness and effectiveness by building extraordinary relationships and innovative tools. Ukulele also helps.
Award Category - Senior Executive: Recognizing the value that technology can bring to patients, care teams and healthcare organizations, Catherine Turner has lent her passion and expertise to the implementation, development, and marketing of MEDITECH's EHR. Embracing the future vision of health information technology, Turner presents this vision at national and international conferences, as adjunct professor at Northeastern University and as a reviewer for HIT publications and chapter author for Colibri Healthcare.
Award Category - HIMSS-ANI Nursing Informatics: I am both humbled and honored to be nominated for the 2023 HIMSS Changemaker Award. Informatics has afforded me the opportunity to work with some truly phenomenal people who care deeply about the holistic human experience. Helping folks empathetically connect ‘what’ they do to ‘how’ it benefits people has been immensely rewarding. Our teams ensure the nursing presence is present at every technological junction. This has led to them being regarded as trusted clinical partners.
Award Category - Women in Health IT: NHS clinician Liz Ashall-Payne founded ORCHA (The Organisation for the Review of Care and Health Apps) to transform healthcare using the mobile phones in people’s pockets. In this largely unregulated market, ORCHA is a standard-bearer for quality in digital health, ensuring clinicians and patients can use these new tools safely. ORCHA is now the world’s largest health app evaluation and distribution organisation and Liz champions digital health through public speaking, coaching and international trade missions.
Award Category - Health Equity: I am passionate about the growth and diversification of the health IT talent pipeline in Northeast Ohio and beyond. Our health IT industry and region recognizes that our software development and data science workforce must represent the demographics of the place we call home to be sustainable and meet the global demands of a competitive environment. To achieve this goal, we must grow our talent organically. If interested, please watch this news video about us: tinyurl.com/ykhthzjs
Award Category - Policy Influencer: My dream is that of a society where no one is left behind. A world where health is incorporated in government policies to enable all people of all ages to live healthy lives, and where people-centered public health and healthcare services are universally available. I strive to support governments in their digital transformation journeys to produce better population health outcomes and to allow every individual to make safe, informed choices on their health and well-being.
Award Category - HIMSS-ANI Nursing Informatics: Dr. Kagan is a registered nurse with over 25 years of experience that spans across in-patient and outpatient settings. Her expertise is in nursing informatics, healthcare innovation, research, policy, and education. She is a recipient of several honors and awards for her contributions to improving the health and welfare of populations with various healthcare needs. She regularly contributes to textbooks, mentors nurses, and serves on boards of professional organizations and start-up companies. She continuously gives back through her volunteerism.
Award Category - Global Patient Innovator: A real-life medical mystery, turned into a medical wonder, Roi diagnosed himself with POTS Syndrome. At 27, Shternin taught himself to walk and talk again. His mission: patients need a revolution. He started a medical revolution with a great passion and drive to promote mental and physical health and to give patients their voice and control back. Roi founded several health ventures that aim to empower humans on both sides of the patient bed.
Award Category - Policy Influencer: Dr. Jernigan is responsible for strengthening CDC’s scientific foundation by working across the Office of Science, the Office of Laboratory Science and Safety, the Center for Surveillance, Epidemiology, and Laboratory Services, and the National Center for Health Statistics. His focus has been on identifying innovative ways to support the State, Tribal, Local, and Territorial public health departments in their digital health transformation, while leading the CDC's internal data modernization efforts. He has been outspoken in his work on standards-based interoperability, and the need to incorporate public health infrastructure modernization into the overall health IT plans for the country.
Award Category - Global Patient Innovator: Lea is a patient expert for chronic conditions/disabilities. Diagnosed at a young age with Diabetes Type 1, asthma and endometriosis, she has been involved in a variety of international projects, focusing on psychological aspects, peer support and raising awareness to fight stigma surrounding chronic conditions/disabilities. Insulea.de was one of the first German blogs about living with Type 1 Diabetes. In June 2021, Lea initiated Blickwinkel Diabetes, a German volunteer organization for people living with diabetes that strengthens peer support and educational work through online and offline events.
Award Category - Chapter Leader: Deepak Chaudhry has been an active member of the Houston HIMSS Chapter board for almost 10 years and spent the last 6 years serving in a President capacity. He has steered several local and regional initiatives to help educate and advocate for Health IT, collaborate on events with regional HIMSS chapters and the Texas Medical Center. He led the Houston HIMSS chapter in 2019 to be the recipient of the HIMSS Chapter of the year award.
Award Category - HIMSS-ANI Nursing Informatics: Dr. Tiase is an active HIMSS member for over 15 years – including Chair of the Nursing Informatics Committee, member of SDOH Task Force and mHealth App Guidelines workgroup. Her expertise ranges from leveraging patient-generated health data to mentoring digital health startups. Most recently, she was the informatics lead on the National Academy of Medicine’s Future of Nursing 2030 Committee to envision the nurse’s role in using technology to promote health equity and create healthier communities.
Award Category - Chapter Leader: As a senior leader in Healthcare IT, I strongly advocate for patients, clinicians, and IT professionals. I volunteer with NC HIMSS to make a positive impact in the healthcare technology field. As a chapter leader, I work parallel to the BOD and members to lead change in healthcare IT through knowledge sharing, advocacy, and innovation. I believe collaborating and working to support each other, will contribute to improving the health of North Carolinians.
Award Category - HIMSS-ANI Nursing Informatics: Anna leverages her advanced nursing and informatics background to improve healthcare delivery and outcomes across the healthcare industry. Anna’s role in academic medicine has led to the transformative integration of healthcare information technology and created practice and policy standards at a local and national level. Anna’s efforts work to ensure new technologies accelerate research and improve patient care outcomes. Her latest achievements focused on the digital transformation of Penn Medicine’s newest state of the art hospital and integrating genomic results into its electronic health record.
Award Category - Women in Health IT: Dr. Gabriela Wilson is a health informatics wizard with bold ideas to improve people’s lives. She is a firm believer in the power of many, nurtured independence, and mission-first focus, with a strong desire to serve and inspire others. She is passionate about using health informatics tools to bridge the knowledge-to-action gap related to integrating public and ecological health to foster resilience. An expert in multidisciplinary research collaborations, her current focus is on addressing racial injustice and health inequity.
Award Category - HIMSS-AMDIS Physician Executive: As Senior Vice President and Chief Health Informatics Officer for Novant Health, Dr. Lozovatsky leads a Clinical Informatics team across a large integrated health system. She is passionate about optimizing the use of technology to improve patient outcomes, lower the cost of health care, enhance clinician wellness, and advance the patient experience. Dr. Lozovatsky is also a pediatric hospitalist and continues to practice medicine.
Award Category - Health Equity: Dr. Gibbons is a digital health innovator, entrepreneur, physician and scientist who is dedicated to improving health among the underserved and using digital technologies to improve health beyond the walls of the hospital. He is the Founder and CEO of The Greystone Group, a digital health innovation and transformation firm that works to catalyze transformative health models. His vision is to enable every single community to promote health and economic development, through new digital ecosystems.
Award Category - Health Equity: Silas has worked directly at the intersection of underserved community outreach and engagement, health information technology (HIT) adoption, health equity improvement, social determinants of health, and health disparity reduction for more than 15 years. He has deep knowledge and experience crafting web-based ecosystems that solve for known, underserved-community outreach and engagement failure points. He also has deep and proven expertise developing partnerships with healthcare industry payers, providers, pharma, life sciences, medical device, government, and academic stakeholders.
Award Category - Women in Health Technology: Patricia Dykes is Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School, Research Program Director, Center for Patient Safety, Research and Practice, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and immediate past president/board chair AMIA. Her research aims to improve quality and safety through patient engagement and clinical decision support. Dykes developed the Fall TIPS Toolkit which has been shown to reduce falls and injuries, is integrated into Epic and Cerner EHR systems, and is adopted widely in USA and globally.
Award Category - Health Equity: Dr. Michael Petersen is a health equity activist with over 25 years of deep health industry experience that spans frontline pediatric emergency care in underserved communities to leading clinical and social care innovation for large technology firms in a variety of leadership roles. As a recognized thought leader at the intersection of technology, data, analytics, and digital health, he continues to deliver proven results in helping health industry leaders understand and address the complexities of solving health equity challenges.
Award Category - Women in Health IT: Technology in the health sector in Indonesia is not something new, but how to improve it to the next level, especially the implementation stage that is secure and easy to understand by everyone is the key to the success of Health Digitization. Community learning in a Health Digital Ecosystem is the best place to thrive. Through Kitras, all health personnel can share and build a strong and borderless Indonesian Health Digitization Ecosystem.
Award Category - Chapter Leader: Jerry has been an active member of HIMSS for over 18 years. He has held leadership positions in both the Greater Illinois and Michigan Chapter boards including Programs Chair, Membership Chair, Sponsorship Chair, President, and Secretary for 16 of the 18 years. He continually adds value to the chapters to promote the value of the HIMSS organization and active membership. He has worked with several of the academic affiliates in Michigan to help certify their programs to lead students to the CPHIMS Certification.
Award Category - Senior Executive: Sara is the architect of the corporate strategy and digital Innovation model at Providence. The model has generated technology collaborations and the successful commercialization of three incubated technologies into new companies. She’s a thought leader for digital innovation and is active across the broader healthcare industry, serving as an NCQA Board Director and Health Evolution Forum Fellow. She has won numerous awards and was recognized as a Business Insider 30 under 40 in 2019.
Award Category - Senior Executive: Dr. Kathleen McGrow leverages her expertise at the intersection of clinical knowledge and information technology to drive digital transformation imperatives such as workforce engagement, provider enablement, patient engagement, and operational efficiencies. Her expertise in data, analytics and artificial intelligence is used to identify areas for organizational improvements. Dr. McGrow’s current focus is on Workforce Crisis initiatives including the discovery of solutions that identify employees at risk for moral distress and promote and address employee wellbeing.
Award Category - Policy Influencer: As the current National Coordinator for Health IT for the United States government, Dr. Tripathi focuses ONC efforts on real world solutions to advance interoperability. Dr. Tripathi made his priority incorporating health equity into ONC’s strategies and health IT-related programs across the government. Dr. Tripathi is taking ONC in a new direction to fulfill the expectations of the 21st Century Cures Act to reap the full potential of truly digital health care system.
Award Category - Health Equity: “My mission is to enable communities and health care professionals to Live Healthy and Thriving Lives. I am focused on leading significantly meaningful large-scale initiatives that have far-reaching, sustainable, and positive impact..." Fran Ayalasomayajula serves populations around the world, improving quality of care, increasing access to healthcare, and raising health literacy and patient engagement. From the Tiwi Islands to Dakar; migratory farming communities to vulnerable populations and beyond, Fran advocates universal parity, inclusion, and representation.
Award Category - Senior Executive: As Chief Clinical Information Officer at Ohio State's medical center and professor of Family Medicine, Biomedical Informatics, Nursing and Public Health, Dr Rizer has led EMR installation and co-founded the clinical informatics fellowship. Since then, she has participated in HIMSS EMRAM stage 7 visits globally. Dr Rizer achieved HIMSS Fellow, CPHIMS certification, and was first woman to be Epic's Physician of the Year, as well as service on KLAS, HIMSS and Epic's advisory boards.
Award Category - Women in Health IT: Joy Rios is on a mission to accelerate women in healthcare and health IT. HIT Like a Girl Podcast is intentional with amplifying exceptional guests and strengthening community within the industry. With more than 200 episodes and multiple networking events across the country, her passion for empowering women at all stages of their career is poignant. In addition to other accolades, Joy was recently named as one of the “Top 30 Women Transforming Healthcare.”
Award Category - Senior Executive: Brett is the first-ever CMIO at Parkland Health and helped steward the paper-based hospital to a fully electronic institution within 3 years and ultimately being one of few safety net organizations to win two HIMSS Davies Awards. His current interests include predictive analytics, addressing physician burnout, using clinical informatics to address health equity, and developing innovative solutions/safety net methodology for capturing potential patient care omissions. He is pioneering strategies to better empower underserved patient in their wellness journey through a digital health strategy.
Award Category - Chapter Advocate: Dr. Levy is committed to applying health IT to improve the delivery of care for patients. As Colorado HIMSS Advocacy Chair, he empowers our members to learn from and to educate our state health IT leaders including the Lt. Governor. As Lead Physician Executive with Cerner, he works to expand interoperability with the VA systems. Also, as a practicing telemedicine physician, he continues to deliver care to patients using the latest in health IT.
Award Category - HIMSS-AMDIS Physician Executive: Dr. Dicker works at the intersection of clinical care, data science, digital health and drug development. His work resulted in the establishment of parameters for quality assurance, robotic technologies, novel preclinical models and therapeutic clinical trials, and FDA/CMS approval of a genomic classifier for management of prostate cancer. He created a medical school initiative in Digital Health and Data Science, to improve the lives of patients and train the next generation of healthcare professionals.
Award Category - Policy Influencer: Dr. Butt is an industry leader and pioneer in digital quality measurement. He founded Medisolv, a Best in KLAS software company, recognized for implementation/testing of digital measures in national quality reporting programs. He served on many technical expert panels with CMS, NCQA and TJC. As a HIMSS member for over 20 years, he has served on committees/taskforces and currently chairs the HIMSS Quality and Safety Taskforce that provides input to the HIMSS Public Affairs Committee.
Award Category - HIMSS-AMDIS Physician Executive: In my career I have experienced health IT from all angles: EHR vendors, health system CMIO, health insurance analytics, academic population health informatics, and public health IT (volunteer). My current focus is interoperability and data exchange at an HIE. HIMSS is our industry home, the platform that brings these organizations together. I served on the HIMSS Physician and Interoperability committees. HIMSS represents organizational and professional leadership for health information technology as critical infrastructure for healthcare.
Award Category - Senior Executive: Joe Longo serves as SVP/CIO for Parkland Health, a large public health system in Dallas, Texas. He prides himself in the service of public health, applying advanced healthcare IT capabilities to environments typically under-represented in the high-tech community. Joe holds designations of CHCIO and CDH-E from CHIME. He propelled Parkland to achieve 7 Most-Wired awards, HITRUST certification, Stage-7 HIMSS Analytics Maturity Model, the prestigious Davies Awards (2017 & 2022), and is a proud recipient of the Dallas CIO Orbie Award -2022 CIO of the Year for his IT leadership in public health and pursuit of health equity.
Award Category - Senior Executive: With over 25 years of healthcare experience, Ray is a strong advocate of health equity and culturally competent care, Ray delivers quality-based care and health equity initiatives for socially challenged economic areas to more than 400,000 people. He has an instrumental role in transforming and providing healthcare to the S. Cal Medicaid patient population, particularly for low-income, Latino, multi-ethnic and underserved communities. As an innovator, he adopted a mobile-first strategy and led a holistic digital framework transformation which included remote patient monitoring and care transitions focused on value-based care outcome.
Award Category - Women in Health IT: Prof Thun is director of the Core Unit eHealth & Interoperability at Berlin Institute of Health (BIH) and professor for Digitale Medicine and Interoperability at Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin. Her primary research interests are IT standardization, terminologies, semantic interoperability and Digital Adoption Models in healthcare. Thun is chair of HL7 Germany, Past Chair of IHE Germany and expert in ISO TC 215 and CEN TC251. She created the woman's network #SHEHEALTH and was awarded the Cross of Merit on Ribbon of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany in recognition of her services in the field of healthcare digitalization.
Award Category - Women in Health IT: Anca is a purpose-driven health economist and thought leader in global health, innovation governance and digital public health strategy. Throughout her global career across Europe, the US, Middle East and Australia, Anca’s bold contributions to repurpose information and technology for public good and social impact represent the highest standards of healthcare leadership. Currently, Anca is on a mission to make a difference at scale and globally innovate the future of health by building the largest multi-stakeholder community for healthcare innovation from the heart of the life sciences ecosystem, Basel - where it all began centuries ago.
Award Category - Health Equity: The Rwenzori Mountains in Uganda offer majestic, sacred spaces yet the Bakonzo tribe who live there battle with healthy equity – 50%+ stunting of kids – and are forgotten by the world. Our multi-disciplinary team is building a “digital food system” that tethers crop transport drones, (saving hours walking to markets to improve income), with a contextualized nutrition regime monitored with digital health tools. The program could help 300 million mountainous poor to improve income and nutrition.