2022 AGC 1st Honoree Application
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AGC 1st Honor – 2022 Final Criteria

Good things come when people spend time together and intentionally engage in the mission of “Members Supporting Members”. The AGC 1st program provides year-long recognition for all member companies that meet specified criteria.

We are now calling for applicants in the 2022 cycle. All member companies that believe they are eligible can apply electronically between now and January 31, 2023.

Recognition/Rewards for Honorees:

• Company recognition for becoming an AGC 1st Honoree at the AGCMO Annual Convention.
• Special VIP Reception at the AGCMO Annual Convention with members of the Board of Directors, the Building Division Board, the Highway/Transportation Division Board, the Utility/Infrastructure Division Board and other AGC 1st Honoree Companies.
• AGC 1st name tag ribbon recognition at select AGCMO events for company employees.
• AGC 1st recognition in the AGCMO Directory and on AGCMO website.
• Additional recognition when possible.

Here’s an overview of the points system to become an AGC1st Honoree for 2022:
(Need to achieve 50 points company-wide to qualify.)

1. Company includes, “Are you an AGCMO member?” in bid requests. Please provide example. (10 points)
2. Company employees attend at least 3 unique in-person AGCMO events in 2022.
Please identify events. (25 points)
NOTE: Virtual event participation will count for ½ a credit each in 2022 so it would take participation in 6 separate virtual events to replace the 3 in-person events. Multi-Day attendance at the AGCMO Convention or the MoDOT/AGCMO Co-op will count for 2 of the 3 unique event mandates.
3. Company/employee recruits a new Member. The new member must put the referral person/company on the membership application to get credit for these points. (10 points per new member.)
4. Sponsors at least one AGCMO program/event or advertises in one or more AGCMO media outlet like the website, magazine or annual directory. Please identify sponsorship/advertising commitments. (10 points)
5. Contributes valuable content via articles, podcasts, legislative testimony or formal programs/presentations through or in partnership with AGCMO. Please provide an example. (10 points)
6. Actively participates in at least one AGCMO Committee, Council, or Board. Please identify employee(s) and committee(s). (10 points)
7. Utilizes the appropriate AGCMO logo on advertising, letterhead, company website, bid submittals/requests or signage. Please provide example(s). (5 points)
8. Company has multiple employees attend AGCMO events or serve on committees/councils/boards. Please identify at least 2 employees that attended AGCMO events or served on committees/councils/boards. (5 points)