2023 Ag Education and Promotion Development Grant
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Indiana Farm Bureau Agriculture Education and Promotion Development Grant

Purpose: The purpose of this program is to provide assistance to county Farm Bureaus, Farm Bureau members and educators that do not have adequate funds for a new program, activity, or to attend an event that would enhance the promotion of agriculture and education.  Program examples could include, but are not limited to books for classrooms, incubator systems, supplies for school gardens, etc.  Events could include, but are not limited to the National Ag in the Classroom Conference, AFBF Women’s Communication Boot Camp, summer educational programs, specialized educational conferences, etc.  Please provide sufficient details/information about your program to give the judges a clear picture of your plans/expectations. 

Application Process: An application form must be completed by the county Farm Bureau, Farm Bureau member or educator.   

  • Applications seeking funding for education programs (AITC), complete Part A and Part C.
  • Applications seeking funding to attend a conference or event, complete Part B and Part C

A grant committee will review all applications and approve funds based on financial need and the potential impact of the program in reaching organizational goals.   

Grant Amount: Indiana Farm Bureau will award grants of up to $250 to winning applicants. 

Qualified Programs/Activities: The education program or activity could be new or existing programs/activities that are being significantly changed and/or expanded. Individuals who would like to attend a conference or event must show the value of why they should attend the event and how it will enhance what they do when they return.   

Deadline: Applications open on January 1, 2023. There will be two application periods.  First round grant applications must be submitted by April 15.  The second round deadline is October 15.  All applications are due to the by 11:59p.m. (eastern) on the due date.  If your application is not selected the first time, it can be resubmitted the next application period.   

Follow Up:  Applicants that are awarded a grant have 30 days following the event to complete a closing report.  These reports and success stories will be shared.