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The Rest and Repair Grants are made in recognition of and in support of Black or African American Women Leaders working in the non-profit sector in Washington State.

Ten (10) - $100,000 Rest and Repair Grant Awards will be granted to ten (10) Black Women who have made significant contributions to their communities through the nonprofit sector and who reside in Washington State. Five Awards will be given in 2022 and five in 2023.

The purpose of these awards is to allow the recipients to pursue their own personal and professional activities as they continue to make our state a better place to work and live. There are few limits on the use of this Rest and Repair grant, as the purpose is to invest in African American women leaders in Washington State who have demonstrated dedication and outstanding leadership of non-profit organizations.

In honor of the uncompensated and undercompensated labor Black women have given to make Washington State a more equitable place to live, and our own institutional failure to recognize and compensate their leadership for many years, the WaWF board elected to share power and delegate the decision on how the grant should be distributed to a Cohort of Black women leaders in Washington state.

The Cohort members were nominated and selected by Black or African American women members of Washington Women’s Foundation and the Foundation’s President and CEO (Chief Executive Officer). These members and the WaWF CEO determined that the Cohort women would be invited to serve in this Cohort for one tenure lasting two years. All Black or African American women members of Washington Women’s Foundation were also invited to be a part of this Cohort. The CEO serves only as a facilitator of this Cohort.