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HGA offers three (3) grants to provide financial assistance for HGA members to take non-accredited fiber art workshops and classes, to attend a fiber art regional conference, and for teaching members to offer classes to beginning weaving and spinning students.

Silvio and Eugenia Petrini Grant
Established in 1994 to honor Silvio and Eugenia Petrini, longtime supporters of HGA and the fiber arts community, this fund makes a grant of $300 each year. The Petrini Grant funds are to be used for study in a non-accredited fiber art program of any skill level.

Mearl K. Gable II Memorial Grant
Established in 2000 to honor Mearl K. Gable II, a generous supporter of the Weavers Guild of the North Shore, Inc. (WGNS) and the fiber art community, this fund awards grants in the amounts of $100 or more each year. This grant can be used toward study in a non-accredited fiber art program of any skill level and may be used for research and studies connected with fiber arts. Within six months of completing the studies, the recipient will be required to make a report to the WGNS either in person or by video, presentation, notebook and samples, etc.

Teach-It-Forward Grant
Funded by the donations to HGA’s Fiber Trust, this grant awards $500 each year. This grant is open to members who teach beginning weavers or spinners in a private studio, shop or school; who are bringing new people to the craft; and who have an innovative plan or proposal.

The HGA Grant Panel is responsible for reviewing and evaluating applicants for all three grants.

Grants are available to current HGA members. The Silvio and Eugenia Petrini Grant and the Mearl K. Gable II Memorial Grant are awarded to provide financial assistance to participate in non-accredited fiber art programs or workshops. The Teach-It-Forward Grant provides financial assistance to teachers who teach beginning weaving or spinning in a private studio, shop, or school, who are bringing new people to the craft, and who have an innovative plan or proposal.


  • HGA grant applicants must be current HGA members.
  • Grant funds must be applied to a workshop, class, conference, or program held any time after the application deadline and before February 28 of the following year. Grant funds cannot be applied retroactively.
  • Late applications are not accepted.
  • Grants shall not be awarded to current HGA Board of Directors members or current employees of HGA. Former HGA board members may apply one year after retiring from the Board. Former HGA employees may apply one year after terminating employment.
  • Grant applicants can apply for more than one grant in the same year.
  • Recipients of the Petrini and Gable Grants are not eligible to apply for the same grant for four years.
  • Unsuccessful proposals may be resubmitted in future years.
  • If for any reason the grant recipient is unable to attend the workshop/class/conference or is unable to fulfill any of the grant’s requirements, the funds must be returned to HGA.
  • Grant funds can only be applied to non-accredited classes. Certified programs are not allowed.
  • Grant funds cannot be used to attend HGA’s biennial Convergence conference or for study or application for the Certificate of Excellence program.