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Spinning & Weaving Week is an international celebration of the craft that takes place annually the first week of October (October 2-8, 2023).

The Handweavers Guild of America, Inc.’s (HGA) mission is to educate, support, and inspire the fiber art community. One of the ways we do this is with our virtual Spinning & Weaving Week Celebration attracting more than 1,000 participants for panels, talks, shopping, fashion show, tours, networking events, and more. Art Sparks Sessions are taught by the world’s leading fiber arts instructors as well as those that are up-and-coming in the field, known as Leaders.

Art Sparks Sessions will be sample classes or mini-workshops. They cover a hyper-specific topic and are often used to introduce participants to a new art form, technique, or equipment. They might be repurposed content or a unit from a larger online course. Art Sparks Sessions will be offered in 30-minute and 1-hour segments and in the following formats:

Webinar Sessions are more “listen and learn” where participants can watch and use the Q&A to ask questions.
Meeting Sessions are where the Leader and the participants are both on camera and interact in real time with each other.

The Spinning & Weaving Week Leader Selection committee seeks a diverse selection of proposals. We are looking to offer our participants a variety of topics to choose from including traditional fiber arts experiences and Sessions that are new, innovative, and unique. Being that these Sessions will be taught online, participants will be learning from their homes from around the world. When planning your Session, please keep in mind the restrictions that teaching online may impose on participants’ ability to participate in your proposed Session.

Proposed Sessions will be evaluated based on overall quality, relevance to the industry, well-defined focus and objectives, practical applications of the material, relevance and timeliness of the topic, originality of material, hands-on learning for immediate application, and educator qualifications (including the level of speaking experience and expertise). Each Session must be educational in nature. It is not acceptable to use a Session to advertise a program, product, or service for sale. Leaders are expected to comply with copyright law in selecting materials and images for their Sessions.

Non-Compete. HGA does not impose any restrictions on teaching the same Session outside of Spinning & Weaving Week. However, please keep in mind that by doing so you may dilute the number of participants in your Session. Low enrollment may lead to cancellation.

Enrollment. HGA requires Leaders to accept a minimum of 12 students per Session, however, HGA reserves the right to run a Session should enrollment fall below.

Technology. Leaders should have a solid internet connection, good lighting, and a clear microphone. Professional equipment greater than a laptop camera and mic is recommended but not required. HGA’s Spinning & Weaving Week is presented on the Cvent platform and uses Zoom for its Sessions. All Leaders will be required to participate in a brief training 1-2 weeks prior to Spinning & Weaving Week.

Materials and Sales. Complimentary digital handouts (worksheets, written instructions, diagrams, drafts, etc.), shared with Session participants in advance, are encouraged. These may be attached to the Session for the participant to download. Leaders may offer participants an optional materials kit that compliments the Session and may include things such as printed booklets, fiber, beads, dyes, etc. The kits should be optional, and participants should not feel excluded from the Session if they do not purchase the kit. Please ensure that fees for materials kits are reasonable. Higher materials fees often dissuade registration. Leaders may not sell additional supplies, publications, or handcrafted items in the Session.

Recording. All Art Sparks Sessions are recorded and available to view on the Cvent platform by registered participants for 90 days following Spinning & Weaving Week. Participants will not be able to download the recording, but because Sessions are recorded, it is to be expected that many participants will choose to watch a recorded Session instead of participating in real time.

Scheduling. Sessions will be offered Monday – Sunday between the hours of 10 AM and 9 PM Eastern Time. Sessions will be scheduled based on the availability of the Leader per their application. HGA will do its best to minimize conflicts with other Sessions, but due to the format of the program it is expected that Sessions will run concurrently.

Membership. All Spinning & Weaving Week Leaders must be or become HGA members upon receiving notification of proposal acceptance and must maintain membership through the Spinning & Weaving Week Celebration.

Leader Compensation
1. Honoraria will be paid at a rate of $50 per 30-minutes of instruction ($50 for a 30-Minute Session and $100 for a 1-Hour Session). All Sessions will require a minimum of 5 registered participants or they will be subject to cancellation.
2. Complimentary Spinning & Weaving Week Registration includes daily admission to the Marketplace LIVE, Panels, Thread Talks, Studio Tours and Fashion show.