FFI 2024 Global Conference - Mean Time: Time, Timing and Timelessness in Family Enterprise
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Our London location makes this year’s theme, well, timely! The Prime Meridian (0 degrees longitude), or Mean Time, was established at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich in the late 19th century and became the starting point for time zones around the world (GMT)—zones that we now regularly (virtually) traverse in our daily lives, like modern-day time travelers. And then, of course, there’s Big Ben!

Join us in exploring the intricate relationship between time, timing, and timelessness in the field of family enterprise. We look forward to your valuable contributions and submissions, and to welcoming you at the "Mean Time" conference.

Possible categories for submissions:

Time: Explore the different temporal phases in the life cycle of family businesses, including transitions, succession, and legacy planning; different meanings and dimensions (AI); the slowing down or speeding up of time, including the speed of governments/regulatory bodies and their impact.

Timing: Delve into the importance of timing in strategic decision-making, growth opportunities, adaptability in the face of change, sequencing, and overlap of generations.

Timelessness: Examine how family values and traditions endure across generations and shape the identity of family enterprises. Understand the impact that legacy and continuity of family enterprises have in shaping communities around the globe.

We invite you to submit proposals for presentations, workshops, and panel discussions that align with the conference theme and focus. Submissions that include topics unique to family offices are encouraged, as are submissions with research-based components.

  • Proposals should be designed for advisors, consultants, academics, and researchers and be planned for 60 minutes.
  • A variety of presentational formats will be considered, e.g., individual presentations, interviews, and small panels that address cross-cultural, multi-generational, and interdisciplinary topics. 
  • All submissions must be made online here. 
  • Late submissions will not be accepted or considered by the Program Committee. Deadline is January 21, 2024.