2024 LIFT Grant Application
Days Left
to Enter


EARLY DEADLINE: Sunday, August 11th 2024 at midnight All EARLY applicants will be entered into a drawing for a chance to receive a $100 Target gift card.

REGULAR DEADLINE: Friday, September 13th 2024 at midnight

Applications need to focus on the EmpowerEd framework of:

1) Connect 2) Collaborate 3) Create

Be prepared to answer the following questions:

  • Please explain your project idea.
  • What are the goals and objectives for this project?
  • Outline the timeline/steps of your project. How do you plan to bring this project into reality?
  • Please describe in detail how you will evaluate each component of Connect, Collaborate, Create, and how it will benefit your school.
  • Has your principal/assistant principal reviewed and approved this request?
  • Have you reviewed the LIFT grant rubric attached below?

If you receive a LIFT grant you may be asked to share photos and/or video of your project, attend events or Board meetings, arrange for our volunteers to visit your project, and/or write a final report.

Click here to learn all about the LIFT grant from our website. Questions? Please contact Amy Sperry, Executive Director at asperry@ucedfoundation.org