2024 C2C Merchandising Competition
Days Left
to Enter

Thank you for entering the C2C Student Merchandising Competition. Please follow the below directions:

Create a login and password (only one person per entry needs to create a login and password for the entire group)
Create a profile (the same person who creates the login and password will create the profile)
Fill in the entry form and attach your poster (you may edit your entry form until it is submitted). Be sure to add ALL group members and their correct contact information to the entry form.
Finalize your entry and be sure to hit the submit button before the deadline!
*Once your entry is submitted, it can no longer be edited. Please contact Manisha Patel at patelm@aatcc.org if you have any questions.

Each entry needs to complete the online submission application. Only ONE submission per group! (DO NOT FAX, EMAIL, OR MAIL.)
All group members must be AATCC student members to submit a qualifying group entry.
All group members must have access to the group’s portal login credentials.
Save poster with the entry title as the file name (No student names, etc. in file name.)