2024 Summer Learning Awards
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About the NSLA Summer Learning Awards
The NSLA Summer Learning Awards recognize outstanding summer programs, models, digital applications, and systems that demonstrate excellence in accelerating academic achievement and promoting healthy development for young people. The awards are given annually based on an application process that elicits information on a program’s history, mission, goals, operations, management, staff development, partnerships, outcomes/results, and sustainability.
There are two types of Summer Learning Awards:
• Since 2005, the New York Life Foundation Excellence in Summer Learning Award, defined by its rigorous application and selection process, has recognized enrollment-based programs employing staff who work directly with youth.
• Established in 2015, the NSLA Founder’s Award presented by the New York Life Foundation recognizes informal programs and other non-traditional forms of summer learning innovation that are critical to serving the diverse needs of schools, families, and children.

Round 1 applications are due January 31st, 2024 @ 5 pm ET/2 pm PT.

About The National Summer Learning Association:
The National Summer Learning Association is the only national nonprofit exclusively focused on closing the achievement gap through high-quality summer learning for all children and youth. Our work centers on three strategic priorities:
• Recognizing and disseminating what works in summer learning.
• Offering expertise and support for programs and communities to strengthen and expand summer learning opportunities.
• Convening leaders and advocating for summer learning as a solution for equity and excellence in education.
Our vision is that all children and youth have access to high-quality summer learning experiences to help them succeed in college, career, and life.
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Application Process, Recognition and Benefits, Eligibility Requirements

Application Process:

Programs are measured against the Summer Learning Program Quality Assessment (SLPQA), developed in partnership between NSLA and the David P. Weikart Center for Youth Program Quality.

  • Round One: Complete the Round 1 online application
  • Round Two: Complete the Round 2 online application and phone Interview (semi-finalists)
  • Round Three: Site Visit (finalists)

Written applications are completed online and reviewed by NSLA staff, partners, and previous winners. Phone interviews are also conducted by a mixed group of NSLA staff and external experts. Finally, NSLA staff conduct site visits to a select group of finalists to observe program activities before selecting award winners. The Summer Learning Awards seeks to find and draw national attention to exemplary summer programs, models, and systems which provide and expand access to high-quality summer learning experiences for all young people.

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As an award winner your program will receive…

  • A monetary award of $10,000
  • Visibility at the national Summer Learning Summit and in a NSLA Summer Times e-newsletter.
  • Invitations to participate in panel discussions, funder summits, webinars, or conference presentations with or on behalf of NSLA.
  • National exposure through a NSLA press release during the busy summer learning media season, along with a template press release and talking points to promote your program.
  • Professional development opportunities with peer organizations through NSLA’s new affinity group structure.
  • Possible future case studies or features in NSLA presentations, publications, or reports widely distributed throughout the education field and staged on summerlearning.org.

If you have technical questions about the application platform, please contact Reviewr (support@reviewr.com

If you have questions about the application questions please contact Leslie Gabay-Swanston (leslie@summerlearning.org).