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About the Alumni Association Council (AAC):

Any person who attended Colorado College for two full semesters in good standing is an alumnus of Colorado College and may serve on the AAC. AAC is made up of 29 members who are each elected for one two-year term and may serve up to two additional terms of three years each. AAC supports the college’s commitment to antiracism and seeks members who are representative of the broad diversity of our alumni community including but not limited to: race, gender, thought, background, age, and geographic location. Our goals are to encourage alumni participation through service, volunteerism, and philanthropy in support of the college’s mission.

AAC Member Commitment:  

We ask all AAC members to participate in our Fall Call (via Zoom), attend our Spring Forum (on campus), serve actively on at least one committee and contribute to the College annually – financially and/or through “in-kind” donations. Current AAC committees are:

  • Governance (management of AAC)
  • Nominations (alumni awards)
  • Scholarship (support all aspects of the AAC Student Leader Scholarship)
  • Engagement (design and execute programs to engage alumni and foster interaction between alumni and students)                                                                                  

If you want to become more involved with CC and support our goals, please nominate yourself or other alumni who may be interested. Nominations will remain open until October 8, 2023. AAC will consider all nominees and reach out for more information as necessary.

Additional Information

We recognize that some alumni have not been involved with the college since their graduations for various reasons. AAC is a great way to become involved. If you would like to know more about AAC’s work and required responsibilities, please email us at You can also learn more about AAC here.