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The ADRP Advisory Board is responsible for providing guidance towards, and prioritization of, the strategic orientation of the organization and its mission to educate and empower blood banking professionals worldwide who are committed to donor recruitment, donor experience and donor management. ADRP is looking for individuals with team orientation, interpersonal skills, leadership skills, technical knowledge and expertise, and personal attributes.

ADRP Advisory Board Members nominees will be selected by the ADRP Nominations Committee approved by the ADRP and ABC Board of Directors. A board term shall be for a minimum of one (1) year and eligible to be re-elected for up to five (5) consecutive years. After five (5) years the member will leave the board unless they are elected to the Executive Committee. A board member may not be re-elected to the board for at least two years. Members are expected to attend all Advisory Board meetings and participate in all Advisory Board conference calls. The Directors have on average four in-person meetings, and additional conference calls as needed each year. Travel expenses to Advisory Board meetings are the responsibility of each Advisory Board member.