AGC 1st Honoree Application
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We are now calling for applications for the newly revamped AGC 1st Honor. Now ALL members are eligible to receive this credential annually which shows how they support fellow members while strengthening the AGC of Missouri and the industry as a whole! AGCMO Member Companies: If you believe that your company has implemented the mission of the AGC 1st Campaign, Members Supporting Members, you can apply electronically.

The AGC 1st Honor can be achieved by an AGC of Missouri member company that achieves 50 points doing the following:

1) Company includes “Are you an AGCMO member?” in bid requests. Please provide example. (10 points)

2) Company attends at least 3 AGCMO events annually. Please identify events. (25 points)

3)Brings in a new member. New members should put Referral Company’s name on the membership application as the referral. (10 points per new member)

4) Sponsors at least one AGCMO event, signage, or other media. Please identify. (10 points)

5) Contributes valuable written content, podcasts, legislative testimony or presentations, through or in partnership with AGCMO. Please provide example. (10 points)

6) Actively participates in at least one AGCMO Committee, Council, or Board. Please identify. (10 points)

7) Utilizes the appropriate AGCMO logo in advertising, letterhead, website, bid submittals/requests, or signage. Please provide example. (5 points)