Call for AHLA Board of Directors, and Nominating Committee
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AHLA administers a Call for Leaders for the Board of Directors, and the Member-at-Large for the Nominating Committee.

The AHLA Board of Directors consisting of 24 board members. The Board of Directors typically meets twice a year in person and several times virtually. Board members serve on the following Committees:

Membership-Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility
Practice Groups and Special Councils

AHLA's Nominating Committee is composed of the two most recent Past Presidents, the President-Elect, and the President-Elect Designate. An at-large member from AHLA’s Board of Directors and an at-large member from the general membership serve one-year, non-renewable terms. While serving in an at-large position, the members agree to be disqualified from any nomination while serving on the Nominating Committee.

Due to high level of interest in serving in a leadership position, a member is appointed to only one position at a time. Terms are often staggered for those serving to prevent everyone rotating off at the same time; as a result, there may be more or less openings available in any given year.

Each year, the Nominating Committee recommends an individual to the Board of Directors to serve as the President-Elect Designate (PED) of the Association. If elected by the Board, this individual will serve in this capacity for a year and then subsequently serve as the President-Elect, President, and Past President.