FY25 Call for AHLA Leaders (Non-Board), Presidential Appointments - Applications
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Note to Applicants: Email messages will be sent from the Reviewr platform. Please white-list or add @reviewr.com to your approved senders list. If you have questions, email volunteer@americanhealthlaw.org.

AHLA administers an annual Call for Leaders to include new Leaders for Practice Groups, Program Planning Committees, Journal of Health & Life Sciences Law Editorial Board, Dispute Resolution Service Council, Dispute Resolution Service Review Board, Early Career Professionals Council, Women's Leadership Council, and Development & Advancement Council. Terms for Leaders are staggered to prevent everyone from rotating off at the same time. As a result, there may be more or fewer openings available in any given year. Anyone who wants to be considered as a new candidate must submit an application(s)

For more information on AHLA's Leader Recruitment, Selection Process, and Expectations, please visit:

Please note: If you are a current leader continuing a term or up for reappointment, you do not need to submit a new application for your current position. Also, all applicants will be required to attest to reviewing AHLA's Commitment to Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility statement before submitting an application.

General Qualifications for AHLA Leadership

  • Appointees must be a Member of AHLA while serving as leader
  • A minimum of two years working in the health law industry unless noted
  • Demonstrated level of volunteer service (e.g., author, speaker, mentor, etc.) to AHLA
  • Recognized accomplishments in the health law profession/industry/community
  • Demonstrated experience implementing or supporting inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility programs within AHLA, the candidate’s own organization or with another professional or personal affiliation

(Please note: specific qualifications vary by leadership group; review the "Recruitment, Selection Process, and Expectations" links listed under the Description section for more details)

Issues Preventing Selection

  • Works in the same firm or organization as an existing member of the same leadership group.
  • If applying for Practice Group (PG) leadership, does not belong to the PG to which one is applying.
  • Does not meet qualifications.
  • Did not complete the application, including demographic profile (profile responses include “prefer not to answer” – selecting this option does not constitute failure to complete the profile).
  • Current service at the highest levels of leadership in a competing organization that would prevent the applicant from fulfilling their responsibilities to AHLA with recurrent conflicts of interest.

Expectations for each leadership group are outlined on the pages listed above. Leaders are also expected to: (1) attend an annual orientation presentation; (2) participate in inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility (IDEA) training, and (3) specific groups will host training/check-in sessions throughout the program year. AHLA Leaders and Staff may host 1-2 town halls throughout the year as well.

Below is a general estimate of the time committment for each leadership group. These hours may vary by position (e.g., Chair, Co-Chair, Vice Chair, Member) and level of activity during the program year. If you have specific questions about the time committment, email volunteer@americanhealthlaw.org or more information.

  • Development and Advancement Council: 1-5 hours a month (meeting, training, projects)
  • Dispute Resolution Service Council: 1-2 hours a month on average (meetings, committee work)
  • Dispute Resolution Service Review Board: Serves throughout the year as needed (4-20 hours per year)
  • Early Career Professionals Council & Women’s Leadership Council: 5-7 hours a month – depending on position (meetings, council projects)
  • Journal Editorial Board: 1-2 hours a month (editorial review)
  • Practice Groups: 5-10 hours a month – depending on positions (meetings, projects)
  • Program Planning Committees: Work over 3-5 month timeframe (meetings, review submission proposals, etc.)