Accelerate 2024
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Welcome to the application page for the Accelerate Investor Conference which gives companies the chance to meet and pitch in front of investors from around the country. Companies from Virginia, Maryland, and DC are eligible to compete for cash prizes.

DEADLINE - Tueday, July 30, 2024 - 12:00 pm EST


The process for companies who wish to participate is as follows:

***Prepare a 5-page Executive summary – minimum 10 pt font with 1” margins

Be sure to include information about:

1. Your technology

2. The problem it solves

3. The team

4. Customers, beta tests, etc.

5. Business model,

6. Current/future revenue and financial plans

7. Fund raising, and any traction you’ve made with both public and private capital

Companies who submit an executive summary and application will be notified by mid-September as to whether they are selected to pitch at the Accelerate event, which takes place October 23-24, 2024.  The top 40 companies selected will be contacted to schedule a time to practice their 7-minute pitch with a team of coaches who will help refine the pitch and presentation if needed. 

On October 23-24, companies will pitch on-site in Arlington, Virginia to fund managers from around the country. There will be no video presentations. On the evening of October 24, 2024, the top companies will pitch for additional exposure and prize dollars.

The Accelerate Conference has been organized to promote entrepreneurship and the development of early-stage companies by encouraging submission of original business concepts that will lead to the development of new growth businesses.

ELIGIBILITY  Accelerate is open to any early-stage business (Seed, A, and early B round) in the Virginia, Maryland, and DC Metro area who have a strong technology and serious growth potential.We’re looking for the applicants to have some of the attributes below.  Please note that these are a loose set of guidelines, they're not rigid criteria. If you have any questions, please contact us at


* Innovative and proven (past proof of concept)

* At a commercial stage


* Biotech / Healthcare

* Cybersecurity / IT Security / Defense tech

* Software / SaaS

* All other (AgTech, Media, Energy, etc.)


* Ability to achieve $50+ million in annual revenue over the next five years

* Raising a seed, A, or early B round

PLEASE NOTE: While there are many great lifestyle businesses (for example: boutiques, cafes, consulting firms), Accelerate is targeted at innovation-based, technology-led companies.