Foundation Scholarships & Fellowships 2024
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The AATCC Foundation scholarship and fellowship application is now open for the 2024-2025 academic year. Undergraduate and graduate students in any textile-related discipline may apply. Answering the questions at the beginning of the application process will direct you to the scholarships available to you. Fill out one simple online form, attach the required documents, and your application is complete!

All applications are due FEBRUARY 29, 2024.

All scholarship applicants will be notified by early summer, once scholarships and fellowships have been determined and approved by the AATCC Foundation Board of Directors.   

Every scholarship has its own eligibility and selection criteria - check the Foundation website to see specific undergraduate scholarship and graduate fellowship requirements.

Applications must include:

  • Resume or letter of work experience (including internships)
  • Copy of your most recent transcripts
  • Personal statement, freely expressing your feelings, aspirations, financial need and concerns, with particular emphasis on your intended career following graduation, if decided. Please refer to the individual scholarship and fellowship requirements to verify what is being asked to be included in your personal statement. The scholarships can be found here.

Some applications will require a faculty letter of recommendation.