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The LSU Alumnus/a of the Year designation is the highest honor awarded to a distinguished graduate of LSU by the association. The first award was conferred in 1966; the Young Alumnus/a of the Year Award was established in 1999 to recognize alumni under the age of 40 who have attained professional prominence early in their careers. The LSU Alumni Association has recognized over 319 individuals representing a cross-section of LSU graduates.

Before You Nominate: Please consider writing a formal letter of recommendation for your nominee, which can be attached to this nomination form. Please also consider submitting a formal biography or relevant article for your nominee. Supporting data is critical.

Nominees must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a person of such integrity, stature, and demonstrated ability that faculty, staff, students, and alumni will take pride in and be inspired by their recognition.
  • Be distinguished in their chosen business, profession, or life's work and must have received some previous recognition from contemporaries.
  • By their deeds and actions, reflect and recognize the importance of their educational training here, reflect pride in their alma mater, and be loyal to and interested in the betterment of Louisiana State University.
  • Have demonstrated a continuing interest in Louisiana State University and in the LSU Alumni Association and must have contributed time, talent, or money to one or more programs to benefit the university.
  • For the Outstanding Young Alumni of the Year, a nominee must be 40 or younger on January 1 of the year in which the award is presented.
  • A person who has completed at least one semester in a regular course study in the LSU System in eligible for nomination.
  • A person may be the recipient of the LSU Alumni Hall of Distinction Award only once.
  • Full-time employees of Louisiana State University or those serving in a governing position or any supervisory or advisory board, and nationally elected officers of the LSU Alumni Association are not eligible for the award during the term of their employment or service.