LGBT Leadership Institute 2023-2024
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The LGBT Chamber of Commerce Foundation Leadership Institute develops leadership skills for LGBT and Ally professionals. The program provides a diverse cohort of participants with valuable leadership skills and knowledge, along with an historical view of the LGBT community and equality movement. Upon completion of the nine-part program, participants will have a well-rounded understanding of the community. We prepare the next generation of diverse leaders for greater community engagement.

Within the nine-month LGBT Leadership Institute program, we provide a safe and nurturing environment to develop skills and explore the critical issues facing the LGBT community. The program promotes networking, dialog, and the sharing of best practices among leaders from across the community. Upon completion, graduates are encouraged to apply their talent and skills for the benefit of the LGBT and overall community.

LGBT Leadership Institute Guidelines

The LGBT Leadership Institute program includes nine carefully curated sessions, often building upon prior sessions. Therefore, if selected, participants will be expected to attend all nine sessions as well as an orientation session to be scheduled in late August.

With advance notice, an individual may miss up to two classes. Missing any part of a class is equivalent to missing the entire class. A significant aspect of the program is getting to know and interacting with other members of the class. Being absent negatively impacts everyone in the program, not just the absentee. Three absences will disqualify a participant from attending the balance of the year and is non-refundable. Session dates, generally on the second Friday of each month, and times are listed below.

The fee to participate in the LGBT Leadership Institute is $2,000 for the entire program. A limited number of partial scholarships are available.

Early is on time. All sessions will begin at the stated time on the schedule. Participants are expected to be in the room ready to begin when the facilitator begins.

Using electronic devices to communicate is not allowed during session activities. There will be breaks where individuals can text, email, or make calls.