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Foundation for Educational Excellence – Student Enrichment Grants

The Foundation for Educational Excellence will accept grant requests up to $500 per participant for Student Enrichment Grants.

Enrichment Grant: This Student Enrichment Grant will directly benefit a student or students recognized for exceptional performance, ability or opportunity in the areas of academics or the arts. For example, if a student or group of students win(s) a local competition this grant would support the awardee(s) to compete or be involved in an activity at the state regional or national level.

Eligible Grant Applicants: Any Beaufort County School District employee who is presently working in a position with regular supervision of students is an eligible to apply. This includes principals, classroom teachers, media specialists, instructional coaches, related arts / exploratory, elective class teachers, and sponsors of student clubs or organizations that are sanctioned by the school or district on behalf of a student or student group.

Consecutive Grant Requests: An eligible applicant may apply for a Student Enrichment Grant to support a student or group of students as often as she or he chooses.

Grant Amount Requested: A single grant request may be for up to $500. The limited on a group request would be up to $500 per participant. The Grants Review Committee has the discretion to determine if the grant will be funded and at what level. In the application the applicant is required to explain how any additional funds will be covered if not funded by the Foundation.

Travel/ Trip Funding: Enrichment Grant requests will not be funded to cover the costs of travel. However, a request for materials to support activities or registration related to the purpose of travel or trip will be considered for funding.

Project Success: Specific methods to measure the success of the project must be part of the application.

Grant Rating: Each grant will be rated in the following areas – Description of Project, enhancement of student learning, opportunity assessment and budget summary.

Budget Summary: The Budget summary must include specific information on what will be purchased, itemized cost of items, including tax and shipping (if any), and any labor that might be required.