Westly Prize for Young Innovators of California (2022-23)
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The Westly Prize for Young California Innovators honors talent, creativity, and the daring humanitarian spirit of aspiring social entrepreneurs.


The Foundation will award up to three Grand Prizes of $40,000 each to individuals or teams of up to four members. Grand Prize winners who applied as individuals will receive $40,000; winners who applied as teams will split the $40,000 award amount among the team members. Honorable Mention winners will receive $5,000, to be split in the same manner.


Innovators may apply as individuals or as teams of up to four members. If you are applying as a team, at least 50% of the team must meet ALL eligibility requirements (e.g. at least one member of a two-person team, and at least two members of a three- or four-person team).

Age: Under age 28 as of December 31, 2022. (An individual founder must be under the age of 28 years during the calendar year in which they apply. If a team of co-founders applies, their average age must be less than 28 during the calendar year in which they apply.)

Residence: Live, work, or attend school in California, or come from California and attend school elsewhere. An individual founder or at least half of the co-founders must be resident(s) of or live in California at the time of the application and throughout the selection process.

Role: Creator/founder or co-creator/founder. All co-founders must be listed on the application. 

Geographic scope of innovation: Any

Issue Focus: Any, so long as the innovation addresses a community challenge and is grounded in a strong social purpose

Stage of organization: Early-stage, but must have a working prototype

Form of organization: Any, so long as social purpose is central

At least one co-founder is able to present remotely on January 28, 2023.

***NOTE: When completing the application, you are welcome to submit your responses in a bulleted format in the event you find your answer to a question exceeds the character limit available.