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The Greater Austin Business Awards, now in its 22nd year, celebrates businesses in the region recognizing the people and companies that have demonstrated a unique vision, innovation, and best business practices. 

Join us as we recognize diverse industry leaders and companies that are innovating, managing through adversity, and making our community a better place.

This is the largest business event of the year, recognizing businesses in multiple categories, with business leaders, entrepreneurs, and elected officials in attendance. Get excited and inspired to celebrate with us by checking out last year's highlights.

Award Categories & Descriptions (you can also download the document in the Attachments section)

Awards that recognize a company or organization


A Customer Experience Award acknowledges a company or organization dedicated to an outstanding customer experience and satisfaction in all aspects of sales and services.

How have you modified your customer service and associated training to better serve your customers?

How does your company evaluate customer feedback and improve customer experience based on that feedback?

What is your net promoter score, if available, or any other metric that indicates your customers’ satisfaction?


A company or organization that creates an employee-centered wellness culture and provides access and opportunities for all employees.

Explain the organization’s commitment to assist employees to practice healthier lifestyles.

What wellness programs or healthy living benefits does your company offer?

What does your organization have in place to evaluate the program quality and outcomes and what is the percent of participation? If applicable, please provide metrics related to improved employee health to illustrate the effectiveness of your wellness program.


Technology continues to change how we do business.  What new visionary and transformative technology has your company developed that impacts the business market.

Describe the transformative technology and the benefit it provides.

How does the technology contribute to company growth? Provide information to validate its success, for example, revenue, customer growth, or innovation.

Provide quantitative detail of the technologies’ impact. (e.g., efficiency, productivity, or performance)


A consumer product company that stands out by offering a unique product that creates a niche market.

What makes your product(s) a “must-have” and how do you create brand awareness?

How do you plan to thrive in and beyond the Austin community?

What is unique about your product(s) and how do you measure your market acceptance (e.g., customer acquisition rate, market share and growth over last year, how many stores is your product in, growth of online presence)


A company or organization that fosters a creative, collaborative workplace culture to enhance performance and sustain a competitive advantage with opportunities for growth.

What makes your culture positive and unique? (e.g., engagement, fun, diversity, equity, inclusion)

What benefits do you offer outside of standard compensation and benefits package? What special activities do you offer for employees?

What opportunities for growth and advancement does your company offer its employees? 


The environmental champion impact award recognizes a company or organization for its best practices.  Business sustainability is about creating more goods and services with fewer resources, waste, and pollution and reducing the negative impact on the environment.

What initiatives has your company developed that promote environmentally friendly practices?

How does your company approach environmental sustainability?  (e.g., manufacturing processes, water re-use, partnering with city departments on usage goals)

How do you measure the impact of your program, please provide metrics if available?


Section 501(c) (3) public charity or private foundation that is tirelessly focused on serving the community and the partnerships they have built with for-profit organizations.

Describe program goals over the last 12 months, percentage met, and impact on our local community.

Describe an innovative partnership program that helped you achieve greater success and demonstrate the impact.

How many people do you serve? What are your client service metrics and outcomes?


The company must be in business for three years or more with a maximum of 25 employees, with an established reputation, and must demonstrate excellence in innovation management, marketing, customer services, and integrity.

Share your success year over year.

What are your plans to grow the company?

What makes your company and service a success?


Uniquely Austin will be awarded to a company that exemplifies what it means to live and do business in Austin.  This category will first be judged by an expert panel and second by online voting of the community.  Voting should not include employees of a nominated company.

Explain your unique Austin brand loyalty. 

In what ways do you feel your company’s products/services/experience embrace the local Austin culture?

In your own words, describe what makes your company “Uniquely Austin.”

Awards that recognize an individual


The Executive Leader Award recognizes the local CEO or top site leader for the company or organization.

What is the name and title of the nominee?

How long have they been in the role?

What is their vision for leading the company to a new level of success?

How does this leader embrace diversity and inclusion to accomplish company goals?

List their top accomplishments in the last 12 months.


Individuals who are nominated should be the founder or current executive responsible for the day-to-day operations of the for-profit business.

What is the name and title of the nominee?

How long have you been in the role?

Why did you start the company and explain the product or service, market opportunity, and revenue model

What is your secret sauce to recruit and inspire talent?

List your greatest accomplishments in the last 12 months


The regional impact awards recognize a company or organization that has propelled this region forward – those who have gone above and beyond to address regional issues and make changes that impact our region.  The nominee must be able to demonstrate a focus in one of these areas:  mobility, education advancement, or economic prosperity. 


The Mobility Champion impact award recognizes a company or organization for their work in helping to solve our region’s mobility challenges.

What primary benefits does the company have in place to help address mobility issues? (e.g., employer-paid tax-free transit or vanpool passes, teleworking, emergency ride home, staggered shifts or parking cash-out that would enable workers to trade free parking for its cash equivalent)

What goals and incentives does your company have such as transit passes, carpooling, parking rebates, etc.?

What is the percentage of employees participating in a primary benefit program?


What activities does your company participate in to raise awareness about your industry and career opportunities in the community?

Does your company partner with local training providers or conduct internal training, mentorship, or internship programs?

How many employees have you hired from local training programs or local continuing education certificate programs, or internal training programs?

Based on your company size, what percentage of your workforce has your company promoted and/or upskilled in the last year?


The economic impact award recognizes a company that achieves significant job growth and helps foster a diverse and robust regional workforce.

What impact does your company have on the region?  (e.g., jobs, capital investment)

What programs do you have that facilitate diversity, upward mobility, and advancement for your employees?

How do you measure the impact of your program, please provide metrics if available?

Nomination Rules:

  • If your company won in a category last year, you are not eligible to nominate in that category this year.
  • Please submit contact information for us to notify your company on honoree status.
  • Companies may submit a nomination in no more than two categories. 
  • To nominate in two categories, submit the first application, log out of the account, log back in and select the ‘Add another submission’ tab on the far-left column. This will open a new application for your second nomination.
  • Each company or organization must identify the total number of employees in the 5 counties consisting of Travis, Williamson, Hays, Caldwell, and Bastrop. 
  • Answer all questions based on the company’s performance in the 5-county area and be brief to bring clarity to your submission. 
  • All nominees are required to submit a high-resolution company logo in a .png and .eps/AI file that will be used in all marketing materials.  
  • The number of award recipients will vary by category


  • Nominations will be grouped by employee size. 
  • An expert panel of judges will anonymously score each nominee. 
  • Please review the judging rubric, which can be found in the downloads section, to understand how nominations will be scored.

Special Awards

  • The Uniquely Austin award will first be judged by a panel and then the top-ranked scores will be determined by a public online vote. 
  • The Austin CEO/Austin Site Leader award recipients will be announced prior to the event celebration.