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About It’s The Journey

It’s The Journey, Inc. – producer of the Georgia 2-Day Walk for Breast Cancer – is a local organization founded in 2002 by a breast cancer survivor, Randi Passoff. When the Avon 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk pulled out of Atlanta in 2002, Randi, a long-time walker, decided that Atlanta needed a fundraising event wherein all the funds stayed local to support Georgia’s breast cancer patients and breast health programs. Since 2002, the Georgia 2-Day Walk for Breast Cancer (formerly the Atlanta 2-Day Walk for Breast Cancer) has raised over $18 million to fund 509 grants that provide breast cancer education, screening, early detection, support services, and continuing care for Georgians.

Our Mission Statement

It’s the Journey’s (ITJ’s) mission is to engage with Georgia’s breast cancer community to increase access to care and reduce disparities in cancer outcomes

Grant Awards

The availability of funding for grant awards varies depending upon the success of the annual Georgia 2-Day Walk for Breast Cancer, typically held in October. Organizations may request up to $25,000 in funding per eligible project. Applications for multiple projects may be submitted by an organization, so long as each project is unique and independent of the other. Each application will be graded on its own merit. Due to the competitive nature of the grant process, past funding does not guarantee future awards.

Organizations that receive grant awards are expected to participate in ITJ activities, especially the Georgia 2-Day Walk for Breast Cancer, the ITJ Giving Gala, and the annual Lunch & Learn.

Grant Eligibility Criteria

  • Organizations must be classified as a public charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
  • Organizations must be based in the state of Georgia.
  • Projects must be specific to breast health and/or breast cancer. For example, if a project is a combined breast and cervical cancer project, funding may only be requested for the breast cancer portion of that project.
  • Organizations must have and be willing to share an electronic version of its logo.

Ineligible Requests

  • Current or former grantees who have unapproved or outstanding 6-month or 12-month reports
  • National organizations without a Georgia focus
  • Campaigns to elect candidates to public office
  • Endowment campaigns or debt reduction
  • Projects of a sectarian nature or that require religious participation as a condition for receiving services
  • Building funds
  • Startup costs for new organizations or for organizations that have been in existence for less than 12 months