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Professional Development Fund Grant (PDFG) supports faculty development and institutional excellence by offering grants of up to $2,000 per person per academic year for reimbursable expenses. The PDFG is a competitive award and funding is based upon the merit of individual proposals; there is no guarantee that a particular application will earn funding. Applicants are advised not to make financial commitments based on the expectation of earning the award. Only proposals that fulfill the submission requirements will be considered for funding.

Only full-time, in-unit faculty members are eligible for PDFG. This grant is for scholarly, pedagogical, and other professionally related activities. Appropriate expenditures include those for participation in a regional, national or international professional meeting or pedagogical program, supplies for a creative activity, books or journals not readily available in the FGCU library, research equipment, and travel required to access resources of another institution. If an applicant requests membership fees for a professional/academic society, they must provide justification for the request and comply with Florida statute 216.345. Priority is given to activities that directly support the mission of FGCU, the applicant’s department and/or unit, or contribute to the applicant’s progress toward promotion.

To be considered for PDFG funding, the proposed activity must take place within the funding cycle of July 1, 2023 through August 30, 2024. One may apply for funding in both fall and spring periods, for the same or different professional activity.

Only one application may be submitted per person per semester and an application may not include more than one professional development activity.