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Note: Please review all FAQ before emailing the Women Who Tech team with questions.

Tech startups play a pivotal role in helping to solve the world's toughest problems. Yet, only 2% of funding goes to women-led startups. To help address these funding disparities, Women Who Tech has launched a Tech Startup Grants program to fund women-led tech startups focused on solving big problems. 

You're invited to apply to Women Who Tech's latest Grants Program. All eligible applications will be reviewed by a panel of jurors comprised of VCs, angel investors, and serial entrepreneurs. Five finalists will be selected to participate in a cohort comprised of a virtual pitch coaching series and an investor pitch. Women Who Tech will award two equity-free grants: one Innovation Grant of $15,000 and one Impact Grant of $5,000. 

REMINDER: Read all rules and criteria below before beginning your application to determine eligibility.

  • Your startup must be woman-led startup, defined as having at least one woman founder or cofounder on the team. The woman (co)founder must be the person to pitch. Note: Women Who Tech uses an inclusive definition of “woman” and “female”, and we welcome transwomen, genderqueer women, and non-binary people who identify as gender-nonconforming, female, and/or woman. People who identify within gender identities associated within the male and/or man spectrums are asked not to apply to uplift space and access for people of genders that are historically oppressed and underfunded.

  • Your product must be in beta or already launched to the public. You may not apply if you are in the concept stage or in the prototype phase. Note: Beta means your product is released and deployed to select users for initial testing to collect real-time feedback.

  • You cannot have raised more than $7M USD from combined sources.

  • Your startup must incorporate technology into the approach of your product, which allows the company to rapidly and massively scale in a manner that traditional, independent small businesses cannot. Note: Using tech (i.e. hosting a blog, selling products on your website, or using social media in your marketing) does not qualify as using tech to scale on a mass level nationally and globally.

  • Your startup must be fast growing with degrees of innovation.

  • All ideas must be original work or an improvement upon an existing idea without infringements.

  • Your startup can be based anywhere in the world. No region is exempt.

  • Agencies or consulting businesses are not eligible unless you have created a product that meets all rules and criteria.

  • Nonprofits are eligible to apply as long as you meet all of the criteria and rules. 

  • All applications must be submitted in English, and all pitches must be given in English.

  • Applications will be accepted from November 28, 2022 until December 22, 2022 at 11:59pm PDT. You may submit your application at any point during that time period. No late applications will be accepted.

  • Once you submit your application, you will not be permitted to make edits or revisions. All submitted applications are final.

  • Applications will only be accepted online through the Reviewr application portal.

  • No applicant may reach out to judges, sponsors, and/or partners in advance of the grant process advocating for their startup. Anyone who does will be disqualified. If you have any conflicts of interest, please reach out to the Women Who Tech team at prior to submitting your application.

  • Startups who have been awarded a grant through any Women Who Tech Startup Program may not re-apply. Finalists of any previous Grants Program or Startup Challenge who were not awarded a grant are eligible to apply.

  • Women Who Tech reserves the right to select and reject grant applicants at any time.

  • All grant finalists are required to virtually participate in the Women Who Tech Startup Grants Program which includes pitch coaching and our pitch series to VCs.

Women Who Tech will award two equity-free grants: An Innovation Grant of $15,000 USD, and an Impact Grant of $5,000 USD. Finalists will also receive one on one pitch coaching, mentorship, and investor introductions.