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About LatinxEd 

LatinxEd is a statewide education non-profit committed to investing in Latinx leadership to expand educational equity and opportunity in North Carolina. Our movement is a call to action to reimagine and redesign what equitable, inclusive learning environments and experiences could look like. We must recognize, honor, and serve the diverse needs of our Latinx immigrant community in the US South. 

Our programming and advocacy create pathways to educational, professional, and civic engagement opportunities for Latinx leaders and scholars in our state. Ultimately, we nurture the talents and wisdom of Latinx leaders to turn their wildest dreams into action.

At LatinxEd, we are committed to the following values:

🧡Amor/Love: We believe that love is a revolutionary act, a choice to extend ourselves toward growth by fostering a community committed to liberation from oppression and injustice.

🏡Belonging: We strive to create spaces of deep connection and true belonging —a courageous embrace of one's authenticity with self-acceptance as the foundation.

⚡️Courage: We welcome the contagious power of courage, rooted in vulnerability, truth, accountability, and love, as it inspires us to embrace obstacles for growth and transformation.

✊🏽Dignity: We uphold each other's inherent worthiness, embracing imperfection as a shared reminder of our humanity, and rejecting dehumanizing narratives, policies, and practices.

☀️Esperanza/Hope: We practice hope—not mere optimism—as a discipline, forging it through struggle and choosing it in the face of despair and chaos to find peace, growth, and healing.

We are looking for leaders who believe in and share these values to participate in our LatinxEd Fellowship. 


About the LatinxEd Fellowship

LatinxEd cultivates spaces that nurture joy, love, and healing for the Latinx community. Our commitment to healing is deeply rooted in our understanding that navigating educational ecosystems involves confronting frequent deficit-based perspectives about our community. The Fellowship program actively counters these perspectives by elevating the leadership of Latine youth and professionals, empowering them to unapologetically own their identity, brilliance, and expertise. By strengthening fellows' vision, voice, and valor to lead positive, transformational change in education, the fellowship serves as a catalyst for breaking the chains of self-doubt and cultural isolation as Latinx education leaders step into positions of influence and impact.

To join this network, Fellows undergo a new membership process to develop the relationships, knowledge, and skills necessary to participate in education advocacy and expand educational equity and opportunity for Latinx immigrant families. After joining this network, Fellows receive ongoing support related to leadership development and storytelling skills, alongside access to key educational leaders and mentors in North Carolina.

By joining this network, Fellows will gain:

  • A statewide community of support that collectively advocates for education and the Latinx community
  • Mentorship to expand self-trust, care, and accountability on their leadership journey
  • Advocacy training designed to unite communities and spark positive change
  • A deeper understanding of the current and historical landscape of Latinx education in North Carolina

Note: You can take a look at an overview of the application questions here. Make sure you set aside enough time to thoughtfully write out your answers to the written-response questions.

Support Contact

If you have any questions, please reach out via email at or message our text helpline at ‪(919) 228-8510‬. We look forward to reviewing your application!

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Fellowship Eligibility

We’re looking for people who care about Latinx education and are willing to use their voice and power to make a positive difference together. We believe that you can be an education leader regardless of your age or the career you are pursuing.

To participate, Fellows must be:

  • Latino/a/x/e or Hispanic (cultural roots connected to Latin America)*
  • 15–19 years of age residing in Wake, Durham, or Orange County OR 20+ years of age residing in North Carolina
  • Committed to LatinxEd’s mission, vision, and values
  • Actively working to serve and advance the Latinx community and education in North Carolina
  • Available to participate in all required Fellowship activities

*U.S. citizenship and speaking Spanish are not required